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How VARs Can Increase ROI by Understanding UCC and Pro AV Technologies

October 30, 2017

How VARs Can Increase ROI by Understanding UCC and Pro AV Technologies

Unified communication and collaboration (UCC) and professional AV technologies aren’t simply the latest fad in workplace gadgets. These devices and systems are a response to the changing nature of communication, advertising, collaboration and the day-to-day work environment, and they have true staying power.

Technology is transforming how people work, and UCC and pro AV are a big part of that evolution. For value-added resellers (VARs), the two branches of technology offer an exciting opportunity to increase return on investment (ROI) as you seek to grow and diversify your business.

Consider these four ways in which you can increase ROI by understanding UCC and pro AV technologies:

1. Add new businesses to your customer base.

By diversifying your product offering, you can relatively quickly and easily attract new businesses to your customer base. The more services and products you offer, the more likely you are to fit the needs of potential customers.

Luckily, UCC and pro AV require many of the same installation and support skills, such as data networking and video knowledge, so you should be able to adopt one of these new technologies rather quickly.

2. Attract customers in a wider range of markets.

UCC is experiencing significant growth within corporations of all sizes, as businesses seek to enable seamless collaboration and better connect their employees around the world. Using video and voice chat, email, telephone systems, Active Directory, desktop sharing and other platforms enables coworkers to quickly and easily communicate, no matter where they are located. Pro AV technology, meanwhile, is booming in a variety of verticals, including houses of worship, entertainment and retail.

Adopting both pro AV and UCC will help you to attract customers in a wider range of markets. For example, if you’ve long worked primarily with schools, retailers and houses of worship that require pro AV systems, UCC represents an opportunity to move into new verticals that include corporations and other medium to large businesses. And if your focus has been UCC in the corporate world, consider adding pro AV services to broaden your customer base to more local customers and small businesses.

3. Offer service and support agreements to create recurring monthly revenue.

Both UCC and pro AV customers offer you an opportunity to earn recurring monthly revenue through ongoing service and support agreements. For example, a UCC customer might require streaming video service, which you can provide through a third party. Or, your pro AV clients might want video conferencing capabilities and digital content supplied for a monthly fee.

Meanwhile, you can also offer technical support to all customers for a low monthly fee. The result is a steady stream of income, which helps you to achieve ROI much faster.

4. Ensure continual income.

As a VAR, part of your cash flow might depend upon the strength of a particular market, such as healthcare or retail. During an economic downturn, many VARs see their projects dry up as customers seek ways to cut costs and keep their budgets in check until things turn around again.

By diversifying your service offering with both UCC and pro AV technologies, you better position your company for continual income. With customers in a variety of markets, you’ll be less susceptible to fluctuations in each area, and you’ll ensure continual income over the long haul.

Do you offer both UCC and pro AV technologies, or do you focus on one? What are some ways in which your company has increased ROI?