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How UCC Technologies Streamline Business Process Automation

March 31, 2017

How UCC Technologies Streamline Business Process Automation

Business process automation involves technology-enabled tasks or services that accomplish a certain objective or undertaking. The more individual technologies a business implements, the more complexity there is, making systems more difficult to manage and use. Business process automation is the solution to a growing conglomerate of business tools by automating tasks using technology in order to simplify workflows and improve productivity. Examples of processes that can be easily automated are document management, client service and support, and customer management. These automated processes can be made even more effective by integrating them with an organization’s unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technologies. Let’s take a look at how this works:

Document Management 

Labor-intensive processes can be streamlined using UCC technologies and document management systems. For instance, companies that must collect and distribute large amounts of paper applications spend a lot of time on that process. Worker resources are required in order to read through, sort, approve, reject, and file applications by hand. By collecting documents and scanning and storing them into a document management solution, the process can be automated to a certain degree. By adding a fax server into the mix, applicants can fax their paper applications to the company’s fax server, and they can be transferred directly into the document management system, significantly improving productivity and saving time. This results in being able to redeploy resources to other projects and allows applicants to get answers on their applications in a timelier manner.

Client Service and Support

When companies add new products or services to their portfolio, business tends to pick up. When a group of people are assigned to answer calls about these new offerings, things may get busy, and calls may end up going unanswered. In order to automate this process, organizations can program hunt groups, automatic call distribution, or call centers. In order to offer even more effective customer service, UCC contact center components can be installed in order to offer multi-channel access, including chat, e-mail, and video contacts, creating greater customer satisfaction. Adding interactive voice response capabilities, monitoring and reports can help improve call routing and give businesses information on how well they are serving their clients.

Customer Management 

Salespeople must have a way of tracking their sales contacts in order to understand where the buyer is in the process, when to follow up, and what the next steps are. Some sales organizations still rely on paper and labeled folders in order to keep track of their sales prospects. In order to automate the process, many companies are implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems as a customer database that allows for keeping customer contact information, notes on calls, and where the customer is in the sales cycle. By adding UCC components like screen pop, whenever the phone rings from a client that exists in the CRM database, the PC screen pops up so that the salesperson can answer the call quickly, knowledgeably, and professionally. Instead of writing notes on paper, notes on the call can be transcribed into the database record. UCC can also provide tools that show if any other company representative spoke to the customer recently and what was discussed. Reports can be generated that can help salespeople and managers understand the sales funnel. UCC can also help integrate CRM systems into contact centers for enhanced customer service.

These are just three ways that business process automation can be integrated with UCC technologies in order to improve systems, increase productivity, and enhance service. Value-added resellers can work with their customers in order to determine their business process automation needs and implement UCC tools in order to support organizations’ goals.

What business processes do you find customers most want to automate and support with UCC technologies? Please comment below.