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How tech resellers can master the metaverse with UCC

Future-proofing your business with AR, VR and mixed reality

April 06, 2022

How tech resellers can master the metaverse with UCC
If the history of tech sales has taught resellers anything it’s not to ignore new mediums that don’t seem to apply to their business.
For example, it wasn’t long ago that the following channels had narrow reputations:
  • Facebook was for connecting with your grandma
  • Instagram and Twitter were for celebrities
  • YouTube was for silly cat videos
  • TikTok was for dance moves
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality were for the kids
The list of shortsightedness in our industry goes on. Today, solution providers and resellers often find value in the above spaces. And our experts project that Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) will be a large part of it.
Enter the metaverse, a world of virtual reality where folks can interact, game and experience concepts as they do in the real world. Leveraging AR and VR tech, users immerse themselves into this world and interact with overlaying objects and people in whatever imagery is displayed in front of them.
Our UCC team protects your future
As AR, VR and mixed reality become hot topics across technology, it’s no surprise that workplace communication leaders like Cisco and Microsoft are jumping in. What will this look like, and how can you help customers adapt and adopt these new technologies? Ingram Micro’s UCC experts invite you to connect with us to learn what to expect over the next few years as the metaverse becomes more widespread.
Ingram Micro is always ahead of what’s next when it comes to the latest technologies and innovations in UCC. Our advanced solutions are designed to help partners navigate complex topics and technologies like IoT, AR and VR. The UCC team will help you integrate the latest technologies and deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution to your customers, keeping them relevant and ready for what’s next.
Ready to innovate and integrate?
Set up a free consultation with Ingram Micro to help you determine the best solution for your customers. Our UCC team, along with our dedicated XR experts, are here to help you integrate.