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How an Integrated Business Planning Process Will Build Trust with Clients

March 25, 2017

How an Integrated Business Planning Process Will Build Trust with Clients

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a method of handling knowledge, data, and practices in order to help cut costs and reduce required resources and technology investments. BPA helps improve productivity by automating important business processes using computing technology and applications. Software applications are used in order to automate routine business tasks through inception, consummation, and finalization, in order to accomplish organization-wide workflow productivity. Automation tools provide the opportunity to turn time-consuming tasks into regulated processes.

Organizations that service other companies can leverage automation in order to minimize downtime and ensure that their clients’ networks work at peak performance. Many companies, like service providers (SPs) are often required to guarantee service levels that make them accountable to their clients. By using automation tools and streamlining processes, organizations can meet their commitments on a regular basis, which is the basis of developing a trusting relationship with clients and improved customer loyalty. SPs that can stand by their customers’ expectations for service levels will enjoy higher customer retention rates. Other ways theintegrated business planning process builds trust with customers include:

Consider the End-User Experience 

In order to provide a seamless customer service experience, organizations need to plan BPA with input from all internal organizations and from customers as well. Determining what will make the customer’s experience a good one requires well-planned communication and collaboration. For instance, if customers are asking for self-service applications, make sure everyone involved has input into how the automated application will function. Customers may want to be able to use both touchtone and voice input in order to interact with a self-service application, and this must be taken into account in advance. The more closely the automated function meets customer demand, the happier clients will be.

Replace Writing on Paper

By automating processes, many functions that use paper for applications and forms can be computerized in order to save time and cost. For instance, paper invoices can be generated through automated applications, making them more accurate and easier to read. The invoicing system can be tied into inventory and accounting applications. This allows managers to run reports and analyze data in order to improve customer service and tweak processes. Many clients feel more secure with computer-generated documentation as opposed to manually written paperwork.

Automate Onboarding and Follow Up

Many organizations have a need to follow up a process with some type of communications. For instance, when companies are onboarding new customers or suppliers, there are many steps to go through and a lot of documentation to gather. Automating onboarding allows companies to easily image required supporting documents, extract specific information, and send it through the workflow to connected back-end systems for prompt processing. Confirmation of document receipt and processing can be automatically sent to customers and suppliers, allowing them to feel confident with the company that is collecting their sensitive information. Workflow processes can also be used in order to pull email addresses out of CRM systems in order to help automate feedback.

Organizations that automate business processes can improve profits and customer satisfaction and build trust. Value-added resellers can help customers determine strategies for both automating business processes and integrating systems, including unified communications and collaboration, into the workflow.

Does your company have experience working with clients on BPA? Please comment below.