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Free E-book: Don’t discount UCC without reading this

July 20, 2017

Free E-book: Don’t discount UCC without reading this

Back in January, we discussed why selling mobile work solutions is easier than ever. More recently, we identified 5 common videoconferencing myths and shattered them with the reality of the day. Overall, the technologies have improved, costs have come down, the cloud has made things easier and integrations are better than ever. Additionally, clear tangible ROIs have been experienced, and thanks to products like Skype and other communications platforms, customers understand the benefits and no longer need much convincing.

In short, UCC technologies are now truly living up to the hype and the timing is perfect.

Of course, despite all the improvements, there’s bound to be some learning curve you’ll have to address if you want to begin selling and installing UCC solutions. Luckily, things have improved there as well. As mentioned, UCC solutions—particularly cloud-based offerings—are easier than ever to deploy. More importantly, you have Ingram Micro as a powerful ally in your quest to add UCC to your line card.

If you’re ready to learn more, our free guide contains a great overview about the UCC opportunity and includes advice on your next steps. Check it out, and be sure to follow our blog dedicated to the most significant UCC trends and sales advice.

It’s time to get into the UCC game. Don’t let past prejudices keep you from this exciting revenue opportunity.

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