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Five Must-Have UCC Technologies for the Modern Call Center

May 26, 2017

Five Must-Have UCC Technologies for the Modern Call Center

Organizations are beginning to realize that customer satisfaction is the best way to elevate their reputation and earn repeat business. Personalized service provides representatives the chance to upsell and cross-sell, improving profits. Advanced contact center software allows organizations to fully utilize resources, boost response times, route calls efficiently, and easily access account information, improving customer loyalty.  

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technologies can help provide the tools required in order to elevate the modern contact center into a strategic asset that can provide the best service possible. Five examples follow:

  • Intelligent, Multichannel Routing - The increase in demand for intelligent, multichannel customer interactions is creating a new evolution in the enterprise contact center. In the world of the “always-connected consumer,” intelligent, UCC multichannel contact routing across voice, chat, email, SMS and social media provides customers options to contact businesses the way they want to. UCC multichannel routing engines can be added to or integrated with contact centers in order to optimize skills-based routing and priority routing so that customers are funneled to the right representative. This increases productivity and allows the caller to be handled correctly on the first call.
  • Unified Agent Workstation - UCC can offer contact center representatives an integrated agent desktop that can provide a single view of customer profiles and details of interactions. Searchable knowledge bases and integrated multichannel responses can be integrated into the agent desktop, or WebRTC-enabled Web phones can be used in order to provide superior client service. With UCC, agent desktops can simply be a modified version of regular UCC workstation, making them easy to use by everyone.
  • Monitoring and Reporting - Contact center performance can be managed across all channels using real-time dashboard as well as historical reporting. UCC call recording and screen capture provide other valuable data that can be used for analytics, in order to ensure customers are being served in the best possible manner.
  • Integration with CRM - When customer relationship management (CRM) applications are integrated with UCC solutions, the entire business benefits, but especially the contact center. When agents are able to get customer information immediately when a call comes in via screen pop, customers can be served more quickly and effectively. As a result, agents are more productive, and companies are more profitable. CRM solutions are beneficial for outbound campaigns as well, allowing agents to address customers by name and understand their previous buying history.
  • Self-Service Applications - When integrated with UCC solutions, self-service applications can benefit any inbound caller, but especially those looking for a specific department. In conjunction with CRM, a caller can be routed to a specific department or person, who then has the customer’s information on his or her screen immediately, so the customer can be serviced promptly and correctly. Customers feel more valued when they are quickly recognized, improving client loyalty.

UCC tools can help improve contact center solutions by making it easier for incoming calls to be flexibly routed and for customers to reach a business using whatever channel they desire. These tools can also used to provide comprehensive information to managers so that customer service can be enhanced and loyalty can be encouraged. UCC and contact center solutions and applications can be provided either on a customer’s premises or via the cloud. No matter how a value-added reseller offers these solutions, everyone wins.

What UCC tools do you find that contact centers must have in order to be successful? Please comment below.