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Find UCC opportunities in your vertical

May 18, 2017

Find UCC opportunities in your vertical

 Back in February, we spoke about how you can raise your vertical IQ to uncover UCC opportunities by taking advantage of Vertical Expo Live, an online expo created by Ingram Micro. The expo contains live and on-demand education and training, split into sections designated by the hottest verticals—federal; finance; healthcare; legal; retail; and state, local and education. While content is available on-demand, there are scheduled live days that include guest speakers, interactive Q&As and heightened activities in the virtual vendor booths.

Earlier this month, the first live event of 2017 was held, which had a cloud theme. A live presentation and Q&A were given on the topic of leveraging the cloud to win more business. There were also related videos as well as the unveiling of a new education e-book series called Solutions Blueprints. The first Solutions Blueprint matches the cloud theme of the event and walks you through all the various cloud opportunities by vertical, including advice for how to pitch the solutions to your customers. There are also Solutions Blueprints focused on mobility and security. These e-books are great at helping you fill gaps in your knowledge and potentially uncover new ways to win UCC business.

Additionally, leading UCC vendors were on hand exhibiting their latest solutions and fielding questions for those who were interested in learning more about UCC technologies and how they fit within specific verticals.

Beyond the vertical content and new technologies, those present were able to get answers regarding financing, credit and Ingram Micro’s professional services.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, the next live events are scheduled for Aug. 23, November and December. However, it’s also possible to access content on demand and get your questions answered offline, so don’t think you have to wait until the next live event to learn more. Visit http://us-new.ingrammicro.com/Pages/markets-vertical-home.aspx to see the live schedule, gain access to Vertical Expo Live and begin learning more about UCC opportunities you might be missing.