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Don’t miss these UCC sales opportunities

October 02, 2017

Don’t miss these UCC sales opportunities

Converting leads into sales takes time, skill and money. That’s why, when you have a new customer ready to spend, you need to make sure you and your sales people aren’t leaving any revenue on the table. Unfortunately, all too often we see solutions providers do just that. Before your next sales appointment, make sure you keep the following three money-makers top of mind.

Endpoints—Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that endpoints, especially headsets, are mundane and not sources of good margin. We commonly see solution providers neglect to include headsets and other related upsells that can improve a solution while adding revenue to your pocket. There’s decent margin on components such as headsets and if you have enough volume, they can add up to thousands in profit for each sale.

Integration—Many solutions providers fail to talk to customers about how their new UCC solution could be made better if integrated with other business systems such as CRM. Customers don’t realize that the value of integration and returns on their investment can be exponential. As a result, any type of integration work is almost always a hard sell due to the added expense and extra time involved.

You can show them the value of such integrations. The onus is on you to ensure you are pitching integrations and making sure customers understand how adjusting their current workflow and incorporating a fully integrated UCC solution can provide great returns.

However, before you talk to customers, make sure you believe in the benefits yourself. Frankly, we’ve seen that many solution providers aren’t aware of, or are unsure of, the benefits of integrations. Use these solutions for your own business to build passion about what you’re pitching.

Network assessments—Either on your own or through Ingram Micro’s professional services, assessments are a fantastic way to ensure you aren’t overlooking something prior to the install. In some cases, you can charge for assessments, in others you can’t—at best, you’ll make money, and at worst, your solutions will be better.

On paper, there isn’t much that separates one solution provider from another. When we examine the market leaders, we see that the real differentiator is what happens pre-sale and post-sale. Don’t get overly wrapped up in the technologies and forget about the add-ons mentioned above that will make your next solution much better, while increasing the size of the sale.