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Don’t miss out on these 4 meeting room solutions

Essential tech for every workspace—hybrid, huddle rooms, classroom, traditional office

March 14, 2022

Don’t miss out on these 4 meeting room solutions
Building high-tech, functional and secure meeting rooms can be overwhelming—for both resellers and their customers. From choosing hardware and ergonomic furniture, to ensuring the meeting experience is smooth for both in-office and remote workers, your customers have many complex and unique needs.
Ingram Micro has your back when it comes to customizing the ideal meeting solution for your customers. We provide the tools and services you need to build full solution rooms with ease, using our room solutions blueprint. These blueprint components are great starting points in terms of meeting the needs of your customers. Each customer’s needs are unique, but by leveraging our blueprint, you can ensure they will have a great customer experience beyond the devices.
Don’t miss out on these Ingram Micro meeting room solutions:
Work from anywhere
Whether it’s voice and videoconferencing, instant messaging or collaboration tools—remote workers can collaborate no matter where they are located, providing effective communication and continuity across the organization.
Conference and boardroom
Deliver complete, end-to-end conference room and boardroom offerings to your customers. In this modern workplace, users can be connected from our room builds to remote users.
Huddle space
Create the ultimate huddle spaces so that small teams can solve problems together. With faster workflows these days, workers need more spaces that are available any time for quick collaboration. Huddle spaces allow for work to get done quickly and efficiently.
Education room
In today’s hybrid classrooms, students and teachers can be connected whether they are in person, distance learning, or a hybrid combination. This allows for effective continuity and engaged learning.
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