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Don’t mismanage end-of-support or end-of-life UCC devices

September 14, 2022

Don’t mismanage end-of-support or end-of-life UCC devices
A UCC solution upgrade is an exciting and busy time for everyone involved. Your customer most likely is eager to get rid of their antiquated, poorly functioning hardware and looking forward to the efficiency gains and expanded functionality that a new system provides. They want “out with the old” and “in with the new” to happen as quickly as possible. At the same time, your team is abuzz, striving to manage customer expectations while maintaining the quality of work and communication you demand. With so much focus placed on the new, there’s seldom thought given to the old. Specifically, how to get the most life from legacy devices and how retiring assets should be properly disposed. To learn more about the issues surrounding end-of-support (EoS) and end-of-life (EoL) mishaps, we spoke with Carmen McCarthy, senior solution development executive for Ingram Micro Lifecycle.

Get the most from legacy UCC assets
According to McCarthy, buying extended warranties is recommended, although she cautions that the speed of innovation today means that equipment can get outdated faster than in the past. As a result, Ingram Micro offers a few services to help extend the life of UCC solutions. “Through our lifecycle services, we do our best to extend the life of an asset and provide fix and repair services,” she says.
Another service Ingram Micro offers to help with managing some equipment is its depot program. “Through our depot program, customers can have an allotment of equipment at their disposal and request a replacement when something goes wrong. Being a part of the revolving of assets, we can advise when the time is right to dispose of something completely.”
If you think it’s time for a refresh, McCarthy recommends contacting Ingram Micro for an assessment, which can be done by the company’s services team. Once that is complete, Ingram Micro’s team can work with you to provide the best recommendations.

Properly manage and dispose of end-of-life UCC devices
When it comes time to replace and dispose of an asset, the last thing you should do is simply toss them in a dumpster, even if you believe you’ve removed all customer data. Improper disposal can lead to regulatory violations, security breaches, privacy violations and more. McCarthy explains that Ingram Micro offers a variety of ways it can appropriately assist with EoL devices:
  • Secure data destruction mitigates the risk to organizations by ensuring that all data-bearing assets go through a data sanitization process to erase data or destroy the drives/tapes.
  • Environmental responsibility-certified processing ensures e-waste is not exported or sent to a landfill, helping support organizational green initiatives.
  • Detailed asset reporting provides a complete, auditable chain of custody through
    a single, global system.
  • Value recovery of assets, whenever possible, allows organizations to recapture revenue through aftermarket resale, as well as support corporate sustainability efforts through reuse of assets.
  • The ability to sell assets via the Ingram Micro marketplace Renugo, where customers go through a vetted process to buy or sell used or open-box equipment.
Regardless of your EoL/EoS needs, you have an extremely capable partner in Ingram Micro. McCarthy says that those with specialized needs should contact their Ingram Micro representative for help. “I always tell customers, ‘If you are thinking about something you don’t think we offer, ask.’ Ingram Micro is always looking into the latest trends and if we do not have it, we’ll create it. We can procure, configure, kit and ship equipment while also having the resources to install new and remove old devices on your behalf.”
If you need assistance in managing your customers’ UCC devices, contact Carmen McCarthy-Perez to learn more.
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