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Don't make these UCC return-to-work mistakes

June 30, 2022

Don't make these UCC return-to-work mistakes
We can all remember the craziness that marked the beginning of the pandemic. In the chaos, many businesses went into triage mode, simply implementing whatever UCC solutions they could get their hands on with the hope of staying connected and functional. Now that supply chain issues have settled and hybrid workers are more common, many solution providers are following up with their customers to implement solutions with a more purposeful design. As you approach your customers about their return-to-work UCC strategy, avoid these common pitfalls.

  1. Retaining IT decisions made in the heat of the pandemic – There are many businesses today that, out of necessity, have a mix of UCC solutions across their departments and locations, leading to administrative nightmares and frustrated users. Now is the time to standardize on a single platform. Doing so will increase employees' productivity as they become familiar with the solution. It will also be less taxing from an administrative perspective. Finally, thanks to an explosion of UCC technology innovation, new productivity and mobility tools exist.
  2. Taking shortcuts – Your customers might be tempted to take shortcuts by choosing UCC devices based on price or immediate availability versus building out a long-term solution. Encourage your customers to invest in purpose-built conference room solutions instead of using uncertified devices that aren't adequately supported. Additionally, now is the time to move your customers away from their old PC/webcam combo that often sits unused due to poor performance.
  3. Making assumptions about how space will be used – Today's businesses have unique meeting and conferencing needs that might extend beyond a traditional conference room. For example, will the room be used for training? Are huddle spaces needed? How many hybrid workers will they have? Don't make any assumptions until you explore all options with your customers.
  4. Getting overly complicated – Despite the allure of landing a big sale, encourage your customers to focus more on investing in quality communications. While a feature like automated shade control can be perceived as cool and cutting-edge, it won't matter if basic communication performance is poor.
  5. Not checking existing infrastructure – The best solution will fall short of expectations if the underlying networking infrastructure isn't in place. Perform a thorough network assessment to ensure bandwidth and throughput can meet the needs of each customer.
Not leveraging resources – If you need assistance with network assessments, evaluating customer needs or selecting the best solution for your customers, contact your Ingram Micro sales rep or Paul Barnas, Ingram Micro's UCC solutions expert. Expert advice and support are readily available to assist in many ways.
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