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Doing a service for customer service

6 ways UCC improves call center operations and the call center experience

November 13, 2019

Doing a service for customer service
UCC has proved to be a real boon to call centers—improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. With all external and internal communications (voice, video, email and instant messaging) integrated on a single platform, call center agents can easily access the entire conversation thread of a customer inquiry wherever it occurs.

Here are 6 ways UCC improves call center operations and the call center experience:

  1. Better agent efficiency—Call center agents no longer have to keep several applications open at once and continually switch between them for answers, so they can respond more quickly and knowledgeably.
  2. Flexibility to operate anywhere—Call center agents can work from home or a remote location to provide uninterrupted customer service. Thanks to UCC, remote and virtual call centers are now not only possible, but also practical. And this flexibility to work remotely can be a real money saver. It’s estimated that every staff member who works from home saves the employer approximately $25,000. What’s more, the retention rate for call center staff working from home is 80% versus 25% for those who work in-house.
  3. Lower operating costs—With 76% of call center operating budgets tied to resource-related expenses, employing UCC can reduce costs substantially. It stands to reason that paying for one unified platform is more cost effective than paying for multiple individual systems and the integrations needed to connect them.
  4. Faster agent onboarding—Unified communications helps simplify the training of new call center operators. With all the information they need accessible from a single source, new hires or temporary workers can find everything they need to learn and get ramped up quickly. And since more than one person can be on a call at any given time, instructors can help guide new employees as they learn.
  5. Less risk of data breaches—As they switch between systems, it’s easy for distracted agents to look up the wrong customer records—increasing the risk of giving out confidential information to the wrong person. Being able to refer to one single source for information reduces errors.
  6. More seamless and satisfactory customer experiences—With agents having the right information at their fingertips when they need it, issues get resolved more quickly—and customers are happier as a result.
If you have customers who are looking to improve their call center operations, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon. If they haven’t implemented a unified communications platform yet, they’re missing out.