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Does your work-from-home technology address the customer experience (CX)?

June 02, 2022

Does your work-from-home technology address the customer experience (CX)?
The pandemic has had many lingering effects on business, particularly in how it has impacted the future of work and accelerated digital transformation. Prior to 2019, most “Future of Work” studies were focused on burgeoning and receding industries, automation and talent shortages. Today, the study of the future of work still considers these areas, but there’s a new emphasis on accommodating work-from-home technology and a hybrid workforce.

Not all UCC is created equal

As businesses look to upgrade their offices to accommodate a hybrid workforce, UCC solutions have garnered much attention. However, not just any UCC solution will suffice. Having a hybrid workforce operate as effectively as if in the office requires planning, the right technologies and a critical focus on maintaining a positive customer experience (CX).
During the height of the pandemic, organizations bought whatever webcams and headsets they could find. Today, with inventory levels returning to normal, solution providers must do better. It’s wrong to assume that any UCC platform or device will work for your customers. We often encounter businesses that invested in a solution that lacks meaningful features. Solution providers should now focus on implementing feature-rich solutions designed for CX.
For example, noise cancellation built into a headset might cost extra, but the added benefit of removing unwanted background noises can make a big difference to whoever is on the other end of the call. Similarly, that off-brand 720p webcam did the trick in 2020, but a better CX could be experienced with an integrated microphone, noise cancelation and higher resolution. It might also be time to take another look at video conferencing solutions, ensuring that the necessary features and integrations with existing software and hardware exist. Finally, traditional desk phones (that can’t be replaced with softphones) can be replaced with next-gen desk phones that include video cameras, hands-free operation and native support for the most common conferencing software.

The market desires high levels of CX

If your UCC solutions aren’t built to improve engagement, collaboration and productivity, you’re doing your customers a disservice and probably limiting your sales. Today, we’re seeing customers care less about price and more about how the CX can be improved when selecting new solutions. We’re also seeing a desire to adopt omnichannel engagement strategies that permit customer communications through various mediums such as voice, video, chat, text, social media and more.
It's an exciting time to offer UCC solutions and work-from-home technology. Those who build their offering around CX and today’s next-gen offerings will be poised to profit in the post-pandemic new normal.
Contact your Ingram Micro representative if you’d like help identifying the right UCC products for your customers. With a team of UCC experts and all of the products and services needed to elevate your UCC offering, Ingram Micro helps partners implement seamless and customer-focused UCC solutions to improve CX and keep you profitable.
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