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Delivering an outstanding UCC user experience

February 04, 2019

Delivering an outstanding UCC user experience
While organizations may be looking for the latest and greatest features and functionality when choosing a UCC solution, it’s also important for them to consider user experience (UX) in the equation. With BYOD now pervasive in corporate environments, employees are often working with their own devices and applications, and they want the freedom and flexibility to personalize their work-related communications experiences. And, if they don’t feel comfortable with the tools a company selects, they may be reluctant to use them altogether.
UX factors to consider when choosing a UCC solution
  • Ease of use and seamless integration—The fewer steps it takes to access the solution, the better. A single point of entry is ideal. All functionality—screen sharing, messaging, voice and other communications tools—should be available via a single user interface, whether they’re accessed via desktop or mobile devices.

  • Flexibility—The UCC solution should work on a variety of devices, platforms and operating systems, so employees can choose their favorite tools—and go back and forth between different devices—and not feel constrained to use something they’re uncomfortable with.

  • MobilityThe tools should be accessible wherever users happen to be working.   
How to help your customers find a solution that delivers
  • Conduct an assessment—This could include workforce profiles to determine who will use the solution and how, and an analysis of the current IT infrastructure to determine what it will take to get the new solution up and running.
  • Get users involved in the process—While the level and extent of the training will vary depending on the user group, it’s key to employee buy-in. Making employees feel comfortable with a new system is critical to acceptance and adoption.
  • Leverage the knowledge and resources of the Ingram Micro team
    Ingram Micro‘s UCC experts can help you throughout the sales cycle, providing recommendations on the best solutions to help you meet your customers’ needs, as well as a broad range of services, from assessments and configuration services to training and support. Delivering a satisfying user experience requires end-to-end planning and expert execution and follow through, and no one is better equipped to help you achieve that than Ingram Micro.

To learn more about UCC—and how Ingram Micro can help your customers provide their employees an outstanding UX—contact Curt Vurpillat or Chad Simon.