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Collaboration Solutions for the Contact Center: The Top Products of 2015 (So Far)

November 12, 2017

Collaboration Solutions for the Contact Center: The Top Products of 2015 (So Far)

Contact centers are undergoing a major transformation. The customer experience has gone from being a single channel predominately focused on voice to multi-channel—and now omni-channel. As a result, businesses are positively impacting sales and customer satisfaction in a big way. Some of the leaders in next-generation collaboration solutions for contact centers in 2015 are:


Announced in 2015, Cisco Remote Expert Mobile allows companies to have voice/video interaction with their customers along with annotation, content sharing, and co-browsing on IOS, Android, or PC/Mac applications. The major features include:

  • Two-way voice or video, or one- or two-way voice or video selectable by customer
  • Co-browsing of customer application or Web screen visible to Remote Expert
  • Application or Web control by Remote Expert
  • Remote Expert annotation and/or cursor spotlight
  • Remote Expert joint form fill (sensitive data cells can be masked on the Expert screen)
  • Ability of Remote Expert to push files and URLs to customer

While the solution can be stand-alone, in order to use enterprise-class features such as queuing to agents, reporting, call recording, and video on hold/queue, this requires integration with a Cisco Unified Communications setup.


ShoreTel Connect CLOUD contact center works with ShoreTel’s hosted, managed service. ShoreTel Connect ONSITE contact center works with ShoreTel’s on-premise solution and provides integration with phones, email and chat with CRM, advanced call routing and reporting.

Capabilities of the ShoreTel CLOUD contact center include:

  • Call recording - purposeful call recording that includes agent evaluation forms that allow supervisors to track agent performance over time
  • Full ACD control - queues can be created on the fly and managers control every queue property
  • Prioritized skill routing - agents are added to queues with a priority that defines the order in which calls will be distributed; combine multiple queue priorities and agent priorities to easily route calls to the right agent at the right time
  • Configurable hold - each queue can have different hold treatment, including music, announcements, estimated wait time
  • Easy to understand dashboard with ACD activity now and the preceding 60 minutes
  • Agent and queue status with color activity coding
  • Point and click report creation
  • Individual call detail can be exported to Excel for offline analysis


Capabilities of the ShoreTel Connect contact center include:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Intelligent routing, outbound, and media handling
  • Unified communications integration
  • Communications including voice, web chat, email and instant messaging.
  • Agents and supervisors can also take advantage of the latest telecommuting features while leveraging powerful dashboard, reporting and unified management capabilities
  • Real-time and historical reports
  • CRM integration

ShoreTel offers flexible contact center solutions - from smaller, less formal environments to large organizations requiring multimedia, sophisticated routing, enhanced reporting options, self-service, and outbound campaign capabilities.

Teo Technologies

Teo Technologies provides organizations the ability to optimize all of their channel communication flows seamlessly within a singular platform. Voice, chat, fax, e-mail, WebRTC and social communications can all be routed using the same routing rules. Capabilities include:

  • Voice Interactions:
    • Inbound calls
    • Outbound calls
    • Voice mail
    • Callback on abandoned calls
    • Callback on voice mail
  • E-mail interactions:
    • Inbound e-mails
    • Outbound e-mails from agent PC
    • E-mails on-demand from IVR
    • E-mail blasting from outbound engine
    • Predefined manual or automatic reply formats with Word/HTML 
  • Web interactions:
    • Web Chat
    • Web Collaboration (URL Push)
    • Web Callback
    • Inbound WebRTC Calls
  • SMS interactions:
    • Inbound SMS
    • Outbound SMS from agent PC
    • Outbound SMS on-demand from IVR
    • SMS blasting from outbound engine
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Recording and quality scoring
  • Monitoring
  • IVR
  • Reporting
  • Flow designer

Teo contact centers are complete technology and telecom solutions which offer organizations flexibility while eliminating complexity, management costs and risk. Contact center technology can be deployed in either cloud, premise, or hybrid deployments.

Contact-center collaboration tools will continue to improve through the end of 2015 and into 2016, and resellers should be prepared to understand the changes and their benefits in order to be as profitable as possible.

Are there other contact collaboration tools that should be addressed in this blog? Please comment below.