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Choosing and implementing the right video display technology

June 24, 2019

Choosing and implementing the right video display technology
Critical factors for an effective UCC solution
Your enterprise customer is looking to outfit an executive conference room in a new corporate headquarters. The company wants to equip it with the most advanced videoconferencing and display technology. And the customer, with whom you’ve had a longstanding and very profitable relationship, is looking to you for expert advice.
Selecting the right equipment, from display monitors and software to cabling and power sources, is going to be critical. Will the technology work together seamlessly? Will it fit in with the legacy equipment the customer has now? Will the power supply meet the robust demands of the new display technology? And what about the warranties—will the customer be covered properly?
There’s lot to think about, and if you’re not a pro AV or UCC expert, navigating the various factors—and giving your customers the best possible recommendations—can be challenging, to say the least.

That’s where leveraging the resources of Ingram Micro Design Services (IMDS) can be invaluable.
Working with experts
The IMDS team includes some of the industry’s leading authorities on pro AV and digital signage and provides Ingram Micro resellers with sales, products and engineering support, as well as complete systems design, training and follow-up services for all things related to pro AV and digital signage. The experts will help you determine and understand the customers’ exact UCC requirements and recommend the best video and display technology, and all related equipment, to address these requirements. And you get the benefit of all this expertise at no cost to you.
Then, once you’re ready to implement the solution, Ingram Micro can provide complete installation services through other affiliates.
Looking to take your UCC practice into a new market?
The IMDS team can also provide “go to market” strategy development and consulting services to help you plot a clear path to enter a new vertical. This includes due diligence, creating the business to plan, developing the strategy and working with your customers on execution. Ingram Micro also provides a wealth of education materials and resources, including webinars, to help you and your staff get up to speed on the unique requirements of the specific industry.

If these sound like the kind of resources you’d like to leverage for your practice, contact our UCC expert, Curt Vurpillat. You’ll see how easy it is to position yourself as an authority (even if you’re not).