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Benefits of Video Conferencing: From Schools to Start-Ups

October 20, 2017

Benefits of Video Conferencing: From Schools to Start-Ups

Video conferencing benefits a wide spectrum of end users in a variety of ways. Video conferencing can help start-up businesses, established organizations, and educational facilities by reducing travel costs, enabling remote users, increasing understanding of what is being discussed, and building relationships. Value-added resellers (VARs) that understand how to position the benefits of video conferencing can basically sell it to anyone.

The key to success is for the VAR to fully understand the needs of the educational facility or organization, from the end users all the way to the decision-maker. Let’s take a look at different types of organizations and discuss the potential benefits that a VAR could present in order to make the customer say “yes” to video conferencing!

Start-Up Organizations

Start-up organizations are 
typically cash-poor and are searching for ways to get business up and running as quickly as possible. Gathering new teams together for meetings can be time-consuming and complex. With the right video conferencing solution, teams can meet from anywhere, saving time and money, and often using existing desktop or laptop PCs or mobile devices. Some have free basic features, with inexpensive add-ons for calendaring, plus the ability to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets during video chat sessions.

Other solutions have add-ons that allow participants to connect instantly from almost any Internet-connected device, share slides and documents to work collaboratively, and run polls and take shared notes during a meeting. Some solutions offer advanced features such as the ability to create breakout rooms: private video chat rooms for more focused discussion with a smaller group, perfect for a start-up business.

Established Businesses

With employees on the go and positioned in many different locations, it's important to offer a solution to keep everyone in the loop and business moving forward. Cloud-based video conferencing platforms provide a great way to keep everyone connected on any device, from any location; this is one good way to leave expensive infrastructure and complexity at the door. Many cloud-based platforms can grow as the business does, offering scalability and security even when sharing content and sharing videos.

Educational Facilities

Whether the school is a standard K–12 public school, a technical school, or a higher-level learning institution, all can benefit from video conferencing. The possibilities are endless. For instance, for a classroom studying the space program, a former astronaut can join a video call to tell the story of his or her journey, answer questions, and share material. This allows the classroom to have an up-close and personal interaction with someone who has really been in space without incurring the cost of a field trip to NASA headquarters. Other video field trips or training sessions can be conducted between locations. Meeting via video conferencing limits the amount of planning, expense, manpower for supervision, and time away from the classroom, yet students get almost the same level of information they would if they had visited in person.

The Need for Innovative Learning

Students are demanding innovative, engaging ways of learning, and as a result, educators have started to use technology to meet those demands. However, if universities do not keep up with the changing environment and meet the challenges of the digital age, they risk becoming irrelevant. The traditional teaching method of having a teacher passing on knowledge standing at the front of the classroom, passing on information to students sitting at desks is simply no longer sufficient. Video conferencing technology offers many benefits to the education sector in terms of reduced costs, effective collaboration between students and teachers, and learning from anywhere at any time.

VARs can be effective in selling video conferencing by learning the requirements of one of the types of businesses that can benefit from video conferencing and demonstrating those benefits over and over again until moving on to the next segment. VARs will become profitable and so will their clients by saving money on hardware; being able to support multiple, worldwide locations; and offering the most up-to-date methods of doing business and training available today.

Does your company sell video conferencing solutions? Do your employees understand the benefits of video conferencing to different segments of the market? Please comment below.