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Automate UCC renewals and reap the benefits

December 27, 2022

Automate UCC renewals and reap the benefits
In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, missing out on renewal or upsell opportunities for unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions isn’t an option. Yet, most small solution providers find themselves overwhelmed with managing the day-to-day details of their businesses, especially when it comes to less exciting areas like customer warranties and expiring licenses. To help partners automate renewals and maintain revenue streams, Ingram Micro now offers a revamped Renewals program on the Xvantage™ platform.

Why Renewals?

The acceleration of digital transformation within the UCC space over the past few years has created new potential issues. This is especially true when it comes to staying on top of the licensing renewals of the collaboration solutions implemented to create hybrid working environments. The ability to manage these renewals varies across partner sizes. For example, midsize partners often utilize third parties for renewal management, while many smaller partners still use spreadsheets to track renewals. Ingram Micro Renewals was built to address partner experiences in two key areas:
  1. Partners typically have visibility to large renewal opportunities but not to smaller renewal deals.
  2. Partners need to go to multiple portals to look at their renewals but don’t have the infrastructure to manage them.
With Renewals on Ingram Micro Xvantage, you gain a platform that gives you visibility to all renewal tools in one centralized place and the ability to scale quickly. Features include:
  • Flexible reporting tools that provide visibility from nearly every angle (end user, vendor, custom time frame and more)
  • 360-degree views of upcoming renewal opportunities
  • The ability to have Ingram Micro send reminders and quotes for upcoming renewals to a customer on your behalf. With the “On Behalf Of” service, you simply upload your logo, set your timing and pricing parameters, and let the automation platform do the work for you
  • License locator for an end-to-end view of orders, including process status, reprints, requests, license history and sales reporting. If you’re currently using spreadsheets, Renewals is clearly a significant upgrade
Digitizing your business and reaping the rewards isn’t necessarily only about automation. It’s also about providing a digital platform that delivers a powerful personalized experience. With Renewals, you have complete control over who within your organization can access the platform, which customers should be included, when they should be contacted in the solution lifecycle and much more.

Next steps

As most solution providers know, it’s easier to keep and upsell existing customers than to attract and win new ones. With Ingram Micro Renewals, partners can lean on automation to ensure existing customers are contacted for renewals proactively and professionally. For more information on Renewals, contact your UCC Ingram Micro sales rep.