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AI and UCC—new insights, capabilities and opportunities

October 05, 2020

AI and UCC—new insights, capabilities and opportunities
The impact of artificial intelligence is being seen and felt in every aspect of our lives today from Alexa and Siri in the home to robotic assistants on factory floors and shopping aisles.
We’re seeing its far-reaching impact on UCC as well.
Virtual meetings and conferences are becoming more efficient
AI-driven bots can now identify who’s taking part in meetings and what’s being discussed. They can even generate meeting notes and provide participants with useful information about others in attendance, gathered from social media and other online sources. This new phenomenon is known as “cognitive collaboration.” 
AI-driven voice can now be used during conference calls with bots monitoring the conversation and interjecting helpful suggestions such as whether to circulate a particular document that backs up a point being discussed.
Chatbots are getting “smarter” and more capable
They’re helping to reduce the burden on call center staff by handling more routine questions—and improving customer service by providing recommendations to customers based on their prior choices and behavior.
Speech-to-text is growing in sophistication
Speech transcription powered by machine learning has improved significantly over the past several years, with new advanced functionality such as context-specific formatting and accurate recognition of proper nouns. When integrated with UCC platforms, speech-to-text tools can facilitate the dictation of emails and convert voicemail messages into a readable text format.

Real-time translation has become a reality
Unified communication apps and endpoints can now be connected to AI-powered translation engines to translate and transcribe conversations on the spot, enabling every participant to speak in his or her native language and be understood by  others.
Analytics are delivering richer insights
Cloud-based machine learning platforms now make it possible to transcribe phone calls and immediately discover things about the conversations that were not readily apparent—to extract greater meaning and value. Sentiment analysis can even ascertain the mood of the participants, which can be particularly helpful for call center operators in their efforts to address customer complaints.

It’s easy to see from the above examples the vast potential AI has to enrich, enlighten and energize communication and collaboration in the workplace. To find out more, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.