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6 ways call center solutions are getting smarter

August 20, 2018

6 ways call center solutions are getting smarter

Today’s hypercompetitive business landscape requires organizations of all types and sizes to provide exceptional customer service. One critical area where customers can have either good or poor experiences is a company’s call center. Even if your clients consider themselves customer-focused, they might fall short of expectations if their call centers lack these technology features, integrations and AI-powered capabilities.

Multichannel routing—Consumers now expect a business to offer a variety of communication options. Multichannel routing delivers by giving customers their choice of communicating via voice, chat, email, text message, and social media. UCC routing engines provide the ability for these various streams of communication to be centrally managed and routed to the best representative. Additionally, giving customers the ability to self-route their calls and communicate with their desired department is a simple, yet significant way to positively affect customer experience.

Chatbots—AI-powered chatbots can increase customer satisfaction by significantly increasing response time. A good chatbot also can allow a single human agent to manage six simultaneous conversations, pulling in the agent only when necessary. With the chatbot handling the bulk of the work, agents are free to focus on more critical tasks.

Integrations—Integrations to existing CRM, inventory and ERP solutions are where call center solutions truly shine. Without access to the critical information stored in these systems, agents will lack the data they need to provide adequate service. Plus, integrations open the door for efficiency gains through workflow collaboration.

Workflow collaboration—In some cases, call center processes can be streamlined with the automation and collaboration tools built into some UCC solutions. This can improve customer satisfaction by reducing labor expenses, errors and inefficiencies.

Unified desktop interface—The ability to tap into customer information from a single interface, including details of past purchases and interactions, as well as knowledge bases and responses, greatly increases the likelihood of a positive call outcome. 

Reporting—If you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it. Regardless of how many or how few calls come in monthly, being able to see real-time statistics and historical data allows organizations to manage their call center performance better. Integrated call recording and screen capture can also provide an additional level of insight.

Critical as they are, these features only scratch the surface of how a modern UCC solution can help your customers create positive call center experiences. To learn more, contact Ingram Micro’s UCC and call center experts, Curt Vurpillat or Chad Simon.