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4 Video Conferencing Benefits That Can Inspire a Team

September 26, 2017

4 Video Conferencing Benefits That Can Inspire a Team

Video conferencing has officially come of age, as end users in nearly every industry begin to embrace the technology. Consider this: Video conferencing has the power to benefit any organization that holds meetings, has remote employees or offers training classes. So, in essence, these systems are for everyone.

And video conferencing doesn’t only stand to benefit a company’s executive suite. There are also some significant video conferencing benefits available to management, entry-level employees and entire departments. That’s the beauty of video conferencing: It can serve very different purposes for each individual team.

For value-added resellers (VARs) who offer video conferencing, it’s important to keep the business benefits of the technology in mind. Beyond cost-savings, reduced travel and other selling points, it’s also helpful to play up the ways in which video conferencing can make a difference in individual employees’ everyday jobs.

Consider these four video conferencing benefits that can inspire a team:

1. Improved communications

As any remote employee knows from experience, conference calls can make you feel disconnected and out of the loop on projects. And sometimes email can lead to misunderstandings and delays. But video conferencing enables real-time, face-to-face communication, helping end users to truly connect with other participants as if they were in the same room.

When video is used, conference participants are more likely to stay engaged and focused on the task at hand. This type of connection helps to foster collaboration, positive relationships and more effective communication. For many companies, the result will be a more effective meetings and a more cohesive, energetic team.

2. Increased productivity

For many teams, video conferencing can lead to a bump in productivity that can have ripple effects throughout an organization. Employees are much more likely to enjoy their work and feel inspired and satisfied when they feel effective and productive.

In a wide range of companies, video conferencing helps boost productivity in multiple ways; for example:

  • Less time spent traveling
  • Fewer meeting delays
  • More focused, better structured meetings
  • Real-time communication, rather than waiting for emails and phone calls

3. Better training opportunities

One of the more well-recognized benefits of video conferencing is its fantastic training capabilities. Regardless of where employees are located, they can be easily trained using face-to-face communication. Thanks to the improved communication capabilities of video conferencing, employees experience improved, more thorough training.

In turn, improved training helps new (and, in some cases, long-term) employees feel better prepared for their job, which inspires them to work harder, stay invested in work and be a team player. With an entire team of well-trained coworkers, the opportunities are exciting.

4. Competitive advantage

With improved training and better communication among employees, a company creates a competitive advantage for itself, which might be the most significant of all the video conferencing benefits. Employees who communicate effectively and share a high level of energy make for a strong, successful company. And for employees at all levels of an organization, there’s nothing more inspiring than that.

Do you think video conferencing has the power to inspire teams of employees? What other benefits have you seen the technology produce?