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3 ways you can benefit from the NETXUSA acquisition

September 18, 2017

3 ways you can benefit from the NETXUSA acquisition

Last year, Ingram Micro announced the acquisition of NETXUSA, a UCC value-added distributor focused on VoIP solutions and IP phones for telecommunications service providers and resellers. Here’s a look at how this union is benefiting your business.

Process automation

The NETXUSA acquisition doesn’t just extend Ingram Micro’s line card, it gives solution providers access to powerful automation services. In a traditional model, you might sell a certain type of phone and perform some custom configuration with each sale. Over the years, you might sell and configure hundreds or thousands of devices, which can be very labor-intensive. NETXUSA has the processes and tools in place to automate the configuration.

Configuration services aren’t unique, but what sets NETXUSA apart is its ability to do the configuration in small batches as needed. In the traditional distribution space, you’d have to buy all the devices in bulk for the configuration to take place. NETXUSA’s only requirement is that the automation must be around a repeatable process or service.

If you’re a solution provider interested in supplementing your existing workforce for a big project, or simply want to be more efficient, NETXUSA can help you procure, set up, configure, ship and deliver devices. Currently, these services are focused on phones, but configuration for other IP-based devices, such as surveillance cameras, can also be automated.

Expanded line card

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the NETXUSA acquisition didn’t also extend Ingram Micro’s line card. In fact, a number of standalone vendors are available through NETXUSA that aren’t currently available through Ingram Micro. Interested solution providers can gain access to these products as a result of the acquisition. As time goes on and the companies integrate, the line cards will combine.

In addition to new vendors and products, it’s important to note the additional categories of solutions now available. With a strong focus on service providers, NETXUSA has a host of products and services that haven’t always been of interest to solution providers. Today, as technologies converge, we’re seeing more interest from VARs becoming full solution and service providers. Having access to a complete line card is ideal.

Business growth

When you take Ingram Micro’s traditional UCC business, add in NETXUSA’s service provider line card and capabilities and leverage Ingram Micro’s strong cloud presence, solution providers are placed on a clear path for business growth. At its heart, that’s what this acquisition is all about.