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In defense of hybrid cloud—enjoying the benefits without the security risks

March 20, 2020

In defense of hybrid cloud—enjoying the benefits without the security risks
More and more companies are adopting hybrid cloud environments because of the flexibility and cost savings it offers. Right now, in fact, 81 percent of enterprises have multi-cloud strategies and are using an average of five public and private cloud platforms.
Despite the advantages, however, hybrid cloud presents distinct security challenges since workloads in hybrid environments cross many physical and virtual platform boundaries beyond the perimeter of the corporate environment.
To help organizations enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud while managing the security challenges and complexities, Trend Micro, a leader in IT security, offers a Deep Security platform. This comprehensive solution brings together multiple security techniques under a single dashboard, providing simplified and effective visibility, automated discovery and control of workloads running on AWS, Microsoft Azure and other popular cloud platforms.
For details on the security challenges presented by hybrid cloud and the advantages of Trend Micro’s Deep Security platform, check out the whitepaper, In defense of hybrid cloud. It offers valuable insights that can help your customers implement a hybrid cloud environment and minimize the security risks.
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