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Power to the provider: how an Ingram Micro partnership can be your biggest asset

July 21, 2022

Power to the provider: how an Ingram Micro partnership can be your biggest asset
Big risks come in small packages for solution providers.
These risks root from doing business with the “gray market”—when spare parts are not purchased directly through the distributor—welcoming an onslaught of pain points for your customers. Your Achilles’ heel can come in the form of incorrect parts from nontransparent suppliers, ambiguous costs, lack of control on the provider’s end and major security concerns.
Yet, providers roll with the risk.
Resellers contribute to the $1.7 billion in inauthentic parts sales just for HPE, as an attempt to avoid the unfeasible “rip and replace” method.
Ingram Micro Sourcing protects the provider. This program grants exclusive access to retired and hard-to-find products. How do we do it? Here are some critical ways Ingram Micro sets itself apart:
Personalized support from a dedicated team
Our specialists have focused on intentional team growth for the past 3 years to offer our partners a full line of support. Our team works directly with trusted vendors to go beyond Ingram Micro’s product line—even working backward to rebuild a solution without a part number.
Flexible financial options made easy
Providers are granted a line of credit with Ingram Micro. Our specialists go above and beyond to offer cost-effective decisions so end customers can avoid spending $100,000+ in “rip and replace” projects.
Authorized vendor partner perks
Providers who work with Ingram Micro Sourcing unlock guaranteed brand standards with vendors like HPE and Dell. This includes an unrivaled 1-year warranty on all solution parts, an authentic replacement program and an extension of our distribution. As our specialists work with trusted vendors to replicate full builds, you benefit by staying within distribution.
You’ve been missing out on an opportunity where other providers are winning loyalty for working with Ingram Micro and vendor brands directly. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about integrating this into your offerings.
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