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Here’s how Ingram Micro builds partner experience into sourcing

October 11, 2022

Here’s how Ingram Micro builds partner experience into sourcing

The refurbishment market is expected to grow at an 11% compounded annual growth rate. Yet, the market is teeming with unpredictable lifecycles and inconsistent protection.

Ingram Micro Sourcing was designed to be an engine unrivaled by others. Our team of experts accomplishes this by making partner experience the focal point—a key element our competitors fall short on. Let’s break it down. With an Ingram Micro partnership, providers can now…

Gain control of the sales cycle

Ingram Micro Sourcing empowers you to control the sales cycle, inviting you to the conversation providers are often left out of. We’re the only Tier 1 distributor authorized by HPE and Lenovo. This helps legitimize you as a provider. How? The solutions offered through our refurbish, remarket and spare parts programs are always authentic and never go through a third party (sidenote: our competitors can’t claim this).

As a partner, you can further support the sales cycle through up-to-date knowledge on in-stock solutions. Partners gain access to a weekly newsletter that provides updates on 100+ different computer models on average.

Generate more revenue through refurbished and excess products

Watch out, Staples. Though we’re channel dedicated, Ingram Micro has the unique advantage of selling consumer product lines. Our partners can access refurbished consumer solutions directly from HP.

Additionally, you can save your customers thousands of dollars by leveraging our HP excess outlet. Ingram Micro works directly with HP to access new products at a discounted price. We’re able to offer these products at a lower price than competing distributors.

Earn true loyalty and retain customers

Deliver top reliability, security and service as an Ingram Micro partner. We’re the only distributor that provides a minimum of a one-year warranty with each product and part. This grants end users the same vendor support line as brand-new products. Did we mention we’re the only distributor that offers this?

In a world of unpredictable lifecycles and inconsistent protection, choose Ingram Micro Sourcing. Contact the Ingram Micro Sourcing team to get added to our weekly newsletter featuring discounted excess and refurbished products.

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