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OMG, Ingram Micro is totally obsessed with my business!

A reseller’s experience with our Reseller Growth and VIP programs and services

July 14, 2021

OMG, Ingram Micro is totally obsessed with my business!

Programs and Services

Overheard at a recent reseller gossip session …
OMG, Ingram Micro is, like, obsessed with me! Well, not me, but my business.
As a tech reseller, I’m obviously a big deal to Ingram Micro. But I didn’t expect them to pay so much attention to me! I just wasn’t used to that behavior from my ex-distributor—they kinda checked out of the relationship at times.

Just how does Ingram Micro obsess over my business? Well, for starters …

Ingram Micro’s Reseller Growth Program ensures that I have the ability to leverage their team to win more business. They seriously give me full access to their 200 certified, knowledgeable and solution-focused team. Come to think of it, they really fill the void on my line card. Now I find myself selling into areas of the industry that I’ve never sold into before!

Ingram Micro’s Solution Design and Services team totally drops what they’re doing to help me build end-to-end solutions so I can win deals. It’s like they’re totally invested in me as a reseller! The Reseller Growth program keeps me growing by setting revenue, profitability and sales/solution ratio goals. It’s like I’m confident in my ability to deliver the right solutions and services to meet my customers’ business goals.

Oh yeah, and GET THIS …

Ingram Micro’s VIP Program gives me a dedicated, focused tech expert helping with my everyday infrastructure! This totally augments my technical foundational skills, fills my knowledge gaps and leverages a skilled associate to engage directly with my end customer, internal sales and technical resources to win business.

This crazy-unique VIP program allows Ingram Micro to support me internally by providing a highly knowledgeable technical associate who becomes an extension of my organization. It really helps directly with my end-user opportunities … and training my team to identify and sell more complete solutions!

This provides inside support services on technologies we need to grow, while reducing my labor costs since it’s all managed by Ingram Micro—and supported by 200 other technical resources for support. This Ingram Micro specialist even has an internal email address at my company and represents themselves as my tech expert. My customers love it and don’t even know it’s Ingram Micro helping them!

Like I said, totally obsessed!
If you’d like to learn more about these special program requirements or just building a solution, contact Solution Design & Services at (800) 445-5066, or check out our new digital interactive phone menu.


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