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Ingram Micro's support on Data Capture/POS printers

November 02, 2020

Ingram Micro's support on Data Capture/POS printers
Looking for help when it comes to selling printers? Look no further—here are all of the different types of printers our team supports:
  1. Desktop label printers—Low-volume (under 1,000 labels per day) label printers designed to print tags and address labels. Target markets: education, retail, light industrial, etc.
  1. Industrial label printers—Printers designed for high-volume (over 1,000 labels per day) environments where the client is printing things like shipping labels or product labels. Target markets: high-volume retail, industrial, etc.
  1. Mobile label printers—These can typically print both receipts and labels, and are designed for more low-volume/mobile environments. Target markets: mobile ticketing, warehouses, etc.
  1. Receipt printers—There are tons of different flavors of receipt printers, being used anywhere from restaurant kitchens to tradeshows.
  1. Multifunction printers—Primarily designed for financial institutions, these printers support MICR, slip printing and check validation.
  1. Card printers—These are used for printing credentials or visitor badges.
Four questions you should ask your customers before contacting us:
  1. What type of media are you printing?
  2. How much are you printing?
  3. Where are you printing?
  4. Are these new printers or replacing existing printers?
This information will help our team determine which printer will best fit your customer's needs. After we figure out what type of printer they need, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty a bit to determine specs like: connection type, media-handling options, printhead resolution, print mode, print width and any other special features.
Here are a few print solution examples:
  • Printing asset tags for students’ laptops?
    • Use 2x1" synthetic labels, a resin ribbon and the Honeywell PC43 desktop printer
  • Printing a high volume of shipping labels to be placed on pallets?
    • Use 4x6" paper labels and the Honeywell PX4ie industrial printer