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Ingram Micro Solution Design & Services—not your Grandma’s tech support

Free IT solution support focuses on increasing your profitability

July 22, 2020

Ingram Micro Solution Design & Services—not your Grandma’s tech support
It’s been a year since we rebranded and changed our name from Ingram Micro Pre-Sales Technical Solutions/Tech Support to Ingram Micro Solution Design & Services.
Why the name change? Our team used to be a “parts number tech support team.” Over the years we’ve evolved to asking more probing questions to understand our customers’ true business needs.

Why should you work with us? If you have any technical questions, we can answer them. If you need to know if your solution build is compatible, we can check it out.
Still unsure? When we rebranded to Solution Design & Services, our goal was to provide more top-tier services. We were already designing solutions, but wanted to offer our customers more.

VIP program
Get next-level pre-sales technical engagement support. Through our VIP program, you’ll have a direct line to a technician focused on growing and supporting your business. The cost is determined by your business need (specific, general, high volume). Some of the other benefits include:

  • Dedicated technical lead
  • Integration of the technical lead into your technical/sales organization
  • Best-practice web training
  • Program review with SD&S management
  • Monthly reporting
To learn more about the program, contact Mark Pantling at mark.pantling@ingrammico.com.
Bid Box support: A bid is a request that either has a federal, state or armed force end user. These will typically be labeled with an RFQ (request for quotation) ID or SEWP (society of enterprise wide procurement) number. These requests typically have a 24-48-hour SLA, depending on the sizing and complexity of the request.
If you’re not already using our Solution Design & Services, you should be. Not just because of our successful track record, but the fact that it’s FREE to all Ingram Micro resellers.
To get started, simply contact your sales rep or access our phone menu.


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