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How Ingram Micro Solution Design & Services helps with WFH solutions

November 16, 2020

How Ingram Micro Solution Design & Services helps with WFH solutions
Solution Design & Services technicians can help you build the right work-from-home solutions for your customers. We’ll educate you on all the necessary accessories to get them connected and working with ease.
Start with the docking station
Docking stations are a necessity. They connect everything to a laptop when working at home. Ask the following questions to identify the right docking station for your customer:


  1. What’s the laptop model? Check to verify dock connection, power delivery and max displays supported.
  2. How many displays besides the laptop need to be connected?
  3. What are the display resolutions?
  4. What type of display connections?
  5. How many USB devices? (Keyboard, mouse, webcam, headset, external HDD, etc.)
  6. Is an Ethernet port required? (Better network connection than Wi-Fi)
  7. Is this a stationary or travel dock?
Keep them connected with cables
Once you have the correct docking station, don’t forget the connecting cables.

  • HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and DVI for video connections
  • Display adapters to change from DisplayPort to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, etc.
  • Longer USB cables
Gotta have power
What is your customer plugging all the devices into for power? Do they have enough ports? Is it an old surge protector that needs to be replaced?
Certain manufacturers offer power strips and surge protectors to keep you covered, including some desktop-based power centers in case that space is limited or the customer only needs a couple plugs.
SD&S can also quote out a large variety of pro audio/video products to get your customers’ conference rooms, board rooms and auditoriums updated and ready to go when everyone returns to the office.
Want to talk to someone about building complete WFH solutions? Our SD&S technicians are ready to help. Download our contact menu.