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Buy now and ship later with Ingram Micro’s express warehousing service

Our affordable, world-class storage and fulfillment services make inventory management a breeze

August 12, 2019

There are several reasons it may benefit your company to stock up on inventory. Buying ahead to take advantage of limited-time pricing discounts, making sure your most popular products are in stock when orders are rolling in and stacking up products in anticipation of a product launch are all good motives for taking on storage space. Or perhaps you need extra room to keep products on hand that will need configuration and integration at a later point.
No matter your business needs for inventory storage, Ingram Micro’s express warehousing service can provide as much or as little space as your business requires.    
“Express warehousing is your option if you want to buy now, but have nowhere to store; want to ship later; or want to jump on deals that won’t last,” said Rebecca Petrie, express warehousing program specialist.
Avoid paying extra fees for storage with standard rates based on your inventory footprint
You’ll never be surprised by our affordable storage fees, as they are based on a standard rate on a per-unit or per-pallet basis. Therefore, the fees are flexible based on your inventory footprint and adjusted with the quantity flow of your items. You pay only for the space you actually use. Our storage fees are the same for each of our advanced logistic centers (ALCs), which are located in California, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Pennsylvania.
Eliminate the headaches of inventory tracking and fulfillment
Along with storage, our express warehousing service handles every shipping detail for you to provide stress-free inventory management. Enjoy peace of mind with our world-class fulfillment services, which eradicates the difficulties and hassles of shipping and tracking inventory on your own.
For more information about our storage and fulfillment services, contact your Ingram Micro Sales Representative.