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Are you a Sally Sale or a Bobby Bail?

A tale of two resellers

May 20, 2021

Are you a Sally Sale or a Bobby Bail?
Sally Sale and Bobby Bail have much in common. They’re both veteran tech resellers, specializing in security. They both love helping customers. They both strive for success and growth across their reseller businesses.
In other words, they’re starting in the same place with their prospective clients below. But, as you’re about to see, their sales stories soon differ in a dramatic, “sliding doors” kinda way …
Bobby Bail’s story
After getting a hot lead, Bobby met with a very eager end-user customer. His prospect needed solutions for 2 key areas of business: security and UCC (unified communications and collaboration).
Always the confident yes man, Bobby flashed his million-dollar smile. His hyperbleached teeth shone bright. After all, he was a blackbelt in security solutions—it was his bread and butter. So he waxed poetic about threat vectors, endpoints and malware detonations.
“I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been called a threat-thwarting hero by many,” Bobby reported.
The prospect loved it. And they loved Bobby—along with his security knowledge, proven track record, and even his brash self-assurance.
“We love it, Bobby. We think you’ll protect us. Now what about UCC?”
Bobby paused, attempting to maintain his award-winning grin. He had gotten so excited about security that he forgot about the UCC ask. He had never dabbled in communication solutions.
Always smooth under pressure, Bobby proceeded to exude confidence in UCC.
“Um, yeah. I can do UCC stuff. It’s just phones and monitors.”
The prospect was thrilled and awarded him the combined business. Bobby was also thrilled. At first.
Bobby tossed and turned that night, knowing that UCC was so much more than “phones and monitors.” He knew he’d be exposed on Day 1 of deployment, and it would crater his company’s reputation. But Bobby didn’t want to bail. He had a brilliant plan. So he went to sleep with his smile intact.
The next morning, Bobby sprung out of bed, triple-white-stripped his teeth and Zoomed his doting prospect.
“Just a minor amendment to our deal,” Bobby announced. “I’m so passionate about your security needs that I’m dedicating all of our resources into protecting you. We’d like to handle your security business, but defer your UCC business to another reseller.”
“Sorry Bobby, we can’t divvy up this deal. The brass is looking for one point of contact—you know, one throat to choke. Are you sure you can’t do UCC?”
“Um, sure I can, but we’re just too busy with other customers. Sorry, but I’ll have to pass on this deal,” replied Bobby. His smile ran away from his face.
Bobby had to bail.
Sally Sale’s story
Sally Sale has a story that mirrors the first half of Bobby Bail’s:
  • The hot lead
  • The eager prospect with a need for security and UCC
  • Sally’s impressive security pitch, but lack of expertise in UCC
  • The prospect’s requirement for “one throat to choke”
But Sally wasn’t giving up so easily. And she certainly wasn’t going to fake it. Although she wasn’t an expert in UCC, she knew Ingram Micro was. She heard she could get all-access solution support from Ingram Micro’s SD&S pros—a team of certified experts in Solution Design & Services.
Better yet, since Sally is an Ingram Micro reseller, SD&S support comes at no cost to her.
So when Sally needed to call Ingram Micro for UCC help, she called. When she needed to send an email, she emailed. She was never left hanging when it came to support.
And it was actually helpful.
From behind the scenes, Ingram Micro built a custom, end-to-end UCC solution for Sally’s new client. Throughout the process, she used Ingram Micro’s Professional and Training Services, which offers a team of service professionals, engineers and technicians that she can leverage to plan, implement, manage and support IT products and solutions.
So the client was delighted, Sally’s company grew, and now she’s the one with the million-dollar smile.
Sally got the sale.
Close more deals with new tools from SD&S
Ingram Micro’s SD&S team enables sales through ease of business and technology advancements. Rolling out in 2021, we’re offering our partners more ways to engage with us, such as email. In terms of our contact menu, we continue to evolve and keep our certified team of experts in front of business needs before partners even know what they need. Our clarified menu is based on partner feedback, which ensures you get to the right certified technician immediately when you call in to build your solution as efficiently as possible.
We end this sales story with a simple question for resellers: Are you a Sally Sale or Bobby Bail?
If you’d like to get started building a solution, contact Solution Design & Services at (800) 445-5066, or check out our new digital interactive phone menu.