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Discover Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo

These room kits are easy to shop for, install and maintain

February 09, 2021

Discover Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo
Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo include everything you need to create modern workplace collaboration spaces. These room kits are easy to shop for, easy to install and easy to maintain. Most notably, they are the first room kits of their kind to carry the Series One designation, thanks to unique features like onboard-AI and enterprise-grade components.
TrueVoice advanced noise-cancellation technology is processed through Google’s Edge TPU to deliver the highest quality audio to meeting participants, while the 4K-capable smart cameras with automatic framing provide a better visual experience.
As the first kits for Google Meet incorporating Power over Ethernet (PoE), Series One room kits are easier and more cost-effective to install than almost any other option. There are fewer cables to run and installations can be completed faster than traditional deployments.
Select from three kit options, depending upon room size, and two inviting colors: Chalk and Charcoal. Employees can choose to join meetings, share content and initiate other actions via the user-friendly Google Meet interface or Hey Google voice control.
Series One room kits are managed through the G Suite admin console, something most IT teams are already skilled at using. Plus, they are backed by a 3-year Lenovo Premier Support warranty and optional coverage through Lenovo’s Smart Office Professional Services.