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Why Your Customer's Needs Can Be Solved With A Services Agreement

June 18, 2017

Why Your Customer's Needs Can Be Solved With A Services Agreement

Your customers ask many things of you, but what they want most is peace of mind.

With technology, sometimes things go wrong. When it does, your customers want it fixed – and fast. As technologies develop, the standard warranty of the past provides only a fraction of what customers really need.

Warranties are excellent for protecting against defects in materials and workmanship, but it's other factors that cause nearly 80 percent of all network failures – not to mention, warranties have a shelf life of only a few months. When networks crash, business grounds to a halt until everything is running again, losing potential revenue in the process.

What your customers need is the foolproof backup that Cisco Services provides: things like 24-hour access to Cisco technicians, the latest in software upgrades and updates and the knowledge that when something does go wrong, the best people will be there to fix it.

Cisco Services focuses on this type of increased customer service. Selling Cisco Services is a powerful way to give your company a competitive advantage and differentiate you from your competition. When you attach Cisco Services you drive increased margins, build recurring revenue and reinforce your role as a trusted advisor for your customers.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Cisco Services are important for your customers in many ways. For example, Cisco makes continuous improvements to its software with more than 900 new features incorporated since its inception. That’s a lot.

For your customers without a Cisco Services contract, they will be left without those updates. The software they bought will be the software they have until its end of life. With Cisco Services, though, they are able to constantly update their systems with the newest applications, security patches and other upgrades that mirror advances in networking technology. 

These updates add functionality and enhance performance, while also lowering total cost of ownership, by keeping the customer’s Cisco technology up to date without the need to purchase new or additional hardware.

Purchasing a Cisco Services contract will also help your customers solve software and hardware issues before they arise, with proactive diagnostics enabled on most devices.  

That is a comforting thought to company executives and IT administrators that must constantly worry about the state of their networks.  

Keeping Customers Happy

In its April 2014 report, the research firm Forrester found that more and more companies are moving toward a services-led approach. The reality is, customers no longer want someone to just sell them a product. They want a full solution; something that stands beside them through the product’s life.

That’s a good thing for selling services. Companies that sell services experience a longer connection with clients. This relationship, if done right, can build trust and repeat business. It’s no wonder that customers with a Cisco Services contract are 13 percent more loyal than those without.

The new service economy is built on this kind of protection. Attaching  service will ease your customer’s fears that if their networks go down, the best people are available to fix it.

The reality is most of your customers do not have technicians in house that are up-to-date with the latest Cisco offerings. And even if they are, it’s likely they could be better utilized elsewhere in the company. Cisco Service empowers customers’ network operations and support staff to recover from network problems rapidly, freeing up these technicians to work on the most important of projects.

Your customers have many needs. More than anything else, they want a partner that has a depth of knowledge and is available at any time to help them. Cisco Services provides that that piece of mind for your customer, and that client satisfaction and market differentiation for you.