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Why Selling Cisco Services With Cisco Products Results in More Loyal End Users

December 23, 2017

Why Selling Cisco Services With Cisco Products Results in More Loyal End Users

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are crucial for your business’ success . Happy customers are more likely to return for future business or to refer their  partners, freeing up your sales staff to pitch new clients.

Measuring loyalty is also a key success indicator. Are your customers returning more to you than your competitor’s customers are to them? Are your customers happy with the products and services you provide? If the answer is yes, your business is likely booming. If not , it may be time to rethink your approach.

Bring the Bundle

Whether you already have happy customers or would like to see client retention improve, bundling Cisco products with Cisco Services is a great strategy. Cisco has found that partners who  do this see a 33-percent higher retention rate than those that don’t—and the reasons make sense.

Cisco products incorporate  a wide range of technologies that help your customers run their organizations. However, most  business owners  lack the technical expertise to get the most benefit out of their investments. That’s where Cisco Services come in.

Cisco Services provide key additions that will help your customers use their technology better, thus increasing their satisfaction  with your service and leading to more sales in the future.

For example, with a Cisco Services agreement, your customers will have 24-hour access to Cisco-trained technicians who can help  resolve issues faster and remove  the frustration associated with technology failures.

The People Problem

Approximately 80 percent of calls to Cisco’s telephone assistance center are not hardware-related, but  come from end users who have altered something in the software that runs the technology. Cisco technicians can work with your customers to fix these issues and get them back up and  running in a flash

This type of customer care can greatly reduce downtime, which can be very costly--in fact, avoiding less than an hour of downtime is often enough to cover the price of a service contract.

Cisco Services also protect your customers’ networks by ensuring that the operating systems on their Cisco hardware are regularly updated with the latest technology advances and bug fixes.

And with Cisco Smart Net Total Care, you get greater visibility into your customers’ networks by leveraging the smart services capabilities.  

This smart-enabled network visibility  includes:

Installed Base: Up-to-date view of what Cisco equipment is installed in the network.

Contract Status and Uncovered Devices: A current view of customers’ support contracts and the equipment that is covered or not covered by a service contract. This help you ensure that your clients have the right coverage for critical infrastructure.

End of Life/End of Support Details: A comprehensive view of where products are in their lifecycle, to assist you with refresh conversations and budget planning.

Product Alerts: Views of the product and security alerts that have been filtered to only those relevant to your customers’ networks, allowing them  to quickly address those that are critical.

Delta Reports: Visibility into what equipment has been deployed, added or deleted from the network, to help you identify what support coverage changes may be required.

Cisco Services are aimed at helping your customers get the most out of Cisco products so their operations can become more successful. And, you can play a key role in customer adoption of Cisco Services and its key features.

If your clients take this approach, with your help as their trusted advisor, they are far more likely to become satisfied customers.