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What Cisco Smart Net Total Care Means to SMARTnet Partners

June 24, 2017

What Cisco Smart Net Total Care Means to SMARTnet Partners

Beginning July 27, 2015 Cisco SMARTnet Service, which provides 24/7/365 device support from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will merge with and be renamed Smart Net Total Care (SNTC). To dispel any rumors, there will be no reduction in support in any way, including no changes to partner rebates, discounts, or eligibility requirements.

SNTC will include all the previous technical service capabilities of SMARTnet, plus new services designed to lead partners to increased service opportunities, monetization of their installed base, and greater resource efficiency. Additionally, the added features and benefits won’t require partners or end customers to do anything differently — they can continue business as usual in Q4FY15 if that would be preferred. In fact, the SKU hasn’t changed either, so it’s just as easy to order.

So then, what’s really changed with SNTC? Following are highlights of the improvements you can expect to see when SNTC becomes available next month:

Value and Outcomes. Including smart capabilities with Cisco foundational technical services delivery and providing unmatched visibility to customer’s installed base and contracts can provide greater operational efficiency, shift the focus from support delivery to business outcomes, and provide an opportunity for greater revenues. Also, Cisco smart capabilities provide up-to-date visibility into a customer’s service and hardware opportunity.

Sales Simplification. The ordering experience will be simplified, too, by using the existing SMARTnet SKUs for the merged offer. The converged service increases opportunities for partners to sell more Cisco services and drive smart business outcomes for customers.

  1. Starting Q1 FY16 the updated SNTC service will be priced the same as current SMARTnet SKUs.

Smart Entitlement. Part of the July 27 change will include an updated service description that includes smart entitlement. Smart entitlement includes: Free download of the SNTC collector software, self-service access to the SNTC portal, and community support for these capabilities.

Smart Assist. A new, optional Cisco service, Smart Assist, will be available to help customers with onboarding, usage, and support for smart capabilities.


What this Means for Ingram Micro Partners

Ingram Micro partners will have the added option at a future point to provide additional services, including collector deployment, support, and configuration; and role-based support of service contract coverage and renewals, security alerts, and product lifecycle information.

The partner/distributor/customer relationship will fundamentally be the same as with SMARTnet today: reselling SNTC while Cisco provides foundational support service to the end-customer. Additionally, partners will have the opportunity to provide customer service in deploying and using smart services to support their network.

The strategy will affect only Cisco-branded support services. There is no change or impact to Partner Support Service or Smart Care, as they are both already smart-enabled and leverage the unique value partners deliver to their customers.

To learn more about this announcement check out this short SNTC intro video and be sure to register for and attend one of the information sessions below:




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Thursday, June 25

6:00am PT   3:00pm GMT

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Monday, June 29th; Tuesday June 30th

4:00pm PT   7:00am Singapore

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Tuesday June 30th; Wednesday, July 1st

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Additionally, Ingram Micro partners should contact their channel account specialist (CAS) team member for more information.