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Top 5 services you didn’t know Ingram Micro offers

July 25, 2022

Top 5 services you didn’t know Ingram Micro offers

You might know that Ingram Micro ships 1.5 billion units annually. But did you know that we also offer more than 35 services and a team of specialists who can help you imagine what’s next for your business? We’re continuously expanding our service offerings based on your needs, your customers’ needs, and the changing technology and business landscape. So if you need it done, we can do it. 

Learn about five of the services we provide below.

CloudLogic Assessment

Have you ever found a dollar bill in your couch cushion? Remember how good that felt? Well, CloudLogic can help find way more than that. CloudLogic, an Ingram Micro company, often finds 65% savings in software and licensing and 30-40% in infrastructure for companies they assess. That’s a lot of cash in cushions! And CloudLogic learns your customers’ business beyond technology, having conversations with you and them about business outcomes, not IT. Then, we work with you to create an end-to-end plan to discover what your customer currently has—and where they should go. And the big differentiator is that we stay on the journey until results are achieved.

Integration Services

Our Integration Services team provides a top-notch experience through our low-touch offerings to complete custom builds, including,

·       Integrate and configure storage, networking, displays and racks

·       Activate and load images, operating systems, applications

·       Hardware services, including asset tagging, labeling, kitting

·       Design and assembly of complete custom builds

From client devices to data centers and servers, if your product requires physical touch, we have a service that we can deliver in our Integration Center. With one easy point of contact, our Integration Services act as an extension of your business and can complement your service portfolio to help your business grow faster. 

IT Asset Disposition 

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an essential yet often-overlooked service that most solution providers could be extending to their customers. As the ITAD leader, Ingram Micro helps vertical markets overcome the challenges of secure data destruction and IT lifecycle management.

We provide multiple ITAD services, including,

·       Efficient, environmentally responsible de-installation and removal

·       Disposal

·       Recycling

·       Destruction of retired IT equipment

You can market these to your customers as value-added services, and we’ll manage everything on your behalf. Besides providing additional service opportunities, it’s a great way to differentiate yourself as a customer’s partner for the entire technology lifecycle.

Deployment Services

If you’re looking to increase your people power, look no further than Ingram Micro Deployment Services. We have a nationwide network of technicians with diverse skill sets, which can help solve your customers’ most challenging problems—the lack of cost-effective, on-demand resources for national or regional rollout projects.

Ingram Micro can provide:

·       A scalable, rapidly deployable workforce to augment an existing workforce or be your exclusive onsite workforce.

·       A robust Project Management Office, including a project manager and project team to ensure the project meets timelines and budgets.

·       Your customers access to our Deployment Services Portal to review, track and manage project requirements and deliverables.

All of this is available to you to increase your service revenue stream and provide your customers with the highest level of execution and support services.

Business Transformation Center

Technology and the business landscape are constantly evolving. We created the Business Transformation Center (BTC) to help you and your customers adapt to the seemingly unadaptable. The BTC is an experiential learning environment where customers can touch, feel, and interact with new technologies and learn from engineers about how individual pieces of tech can work together to solve business problems. Any solution you can imagine, we can make real. 

Learn more about services that can help you grow your business.