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Smart ways Ingram Micro and Cisco can help grow your managed services sales

May 08, 2018

Smart ways Ingram Micro and Cisco can help grow your managed services sales

Ingram Micro and Cisco know firsthand how lucrative managed services can be for partners. Among Ingram Micro Cisco partners, services account for 70% of profits. Additionally, resellers see a 13% increase in loyalty from customers who purchase services compared to those who don’t.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your recurring revenue, check out the following aids from Ingram Micro and Cisco.

A smart solution to your recurring revenue challenges:  CCW-R

Partners face many challenges when renewing services and software, such as complex quoting processes, lengthy error resolution processes, long offline processing times and multiple platform interactions. Now, there’s a solution to these challenges: Cisco Commerce Workspace Renewals (CCW-R). CCW-R makes it easier for partners to order new and renewal services, software subscriptions and manage service contracts, and it’s fully integrated with Cisco Commerce. CCW-R allows partners to transact all Cisco product, service and software orders and renewals on one platform with fewer validation and support cases. It also improves scalability to new monetization models and enhances partners’ abilities to focus on selling rather than resolving quoting errors.

Simplify service renewals with Cisco Lifecycle Advantage and the Ingram Micro Reseller Services Portal

The Cisco Lifecycle Advantage partner program combines analytics, automation and personalized content to help partners digitally manage customer relationships. Lifecycle Advantage makes it easier to develop in-depth customer engagements, maximizing the value customers receive from their solutions and the revenue that partners earn. 

Using a combination of Cisco and partner data, Lifecycle Advantage automatically sends personalized, cobranded messages at specific milestones over the life of the customers’ purchases. By contacting customers with relevant information about solutions they own at the appropriate time, they’re more likely to realize the full value of their investments and become more loyal.

The Ingram Micro reseller services portal (RSP) is the perfect complement to the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage program. The RSP is a web-enabled application that simplifies the process of tracking maintenance contracts, warranties and leases, ensuring partners capture 100% of the contract annuity revenue available.

To get started, log on to the RSP to begin receiving immediate notification of any warnings, product updates or pending approvals that require attention. Then use the portal’s interface to:

  • Renew services contracts—receive automatic emails 30, 60 and 90 days before the contract expiration date.
  • Register new products for future renewal revenue. 
  • Attach new services to uncovered assets. 
  • Refresh products for growth opportunities. 
  • Increase your Cisco Smart Net Total Care revenue with real-time pricing via Cisco online quoting. 
  • Manage customer accounts more efficiently. 

For more information about these managed services aids, please contact the Cisco service team in your territory: EastCentralWest or South.