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How Revenue is Impacted by the Role of Automation in the Services Renewal Process

August 11, 2017

How Revenue is Impacted by the Role of Automation in the Services Renewal Process

With Cisco Services, your business is not selling a one-off product, but instead is offering a service that can be renewed year after year. After the initial sale of services, your customers will renew based on the quality of service they received and the value derived from using the program.

For customers that see the most value, renewing the service is essentially automatic. This is a huge revenue boost for your organization as you continue to be paid without having to sell them on a new product. That allows your business to allocate resources into bringing in new customers or working with existing customers to ensure they are fully utilizing the service offerings and becoming annuity payments.

The Role of Automation

Cisco and Ingram Micro have created some cost-free solutions that will take some of the legwork of renewals out of the process for you:

Exclusive to Ingram Micro, the Reseller Services Portal  allows you to develop and manage a successful, recurring services-annuity business. This free, online services-contract-management tool gives you visibility into your customers’ service life cycles. Available to all Ingram Micro North American solution providers, the RSP allows you to track, identify and create renewal quotes, as well as create quotes for new service offerings.

Auto-Quoting integrates business processes to manage your service contract data. Most importantly, it provides you with opportunity data on your customers’ usage that you can use to approach them at the proper time to renew their contract.

The solution takes the cost out of quoting and ordering—not just providing you with timely visibility into your renewal opportunity, but also automatically creating a pre-validated quote for you that is ready to book.

These efforts have greatly streamlined the renewals process and can help you capture all of your service annuity opportunities, even the small ones that sometimes slip through the cracks. It’s so effective that Cisco partners have saved an estimated 20,000 hours a month by embracing automation. That is time and resources that can be put into other parts of growing your business such as bringing in new customers.

This is also an opportunity to boost your relationship with your customers. As part of the program, Cisco and Ingram Micro offers partners the ability to extend the Auto Quote email notification directly to your customers—under your brand, at your pricing—thus giving a client the ability to instantly transact a renewal via an online order form.

This program, called QuoteDirect, allows you to fully automate the renewal process with your customers while minimizing sales touch costs, all while preserving the relationships you have established.

Increased Loyalty

The value to your business is clear if you can keep renewing these contracts. Not only do you establish a profitable annuity stream, but you also maintain visibility into your customer’s network, which increases your stickiness and opens up opportunities for future sales.

All of these are key issues to keep in mind. Customers that purchase Cisco Services are 13 percent more loyal. That number jumps to 33 percent when the services are paired with a solution. If you do the work of selling Cisco Services now, you can create longstanding customers that will fuel your business going forward. The value in that is almost immeasurable

To learn more about the Ingram Micro Reseller Services Portal, or if you need a password or demo, call the Ingram Micro RSP team at (866) 490-1304 or email servicenow@ingrammicro.com today.