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Attach Cisco services to gain higher product renewals

December 19, 2017

Attach Cisco services to gain higher product renewals

What's in it for your customers—and you?

Technical services are an excellent way for your customers to get the best possible value and efficiencies from their IT investment. Services help them:

  1. Cut costs—research firm Gartner has estimated that the average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute, or more than $300,000 per hour. Attaching Cisco technical services gives your customers increased network uptime due to fewer incidents, plus higher network standardization, utilization, availability and reliability.
  2. Reduce risk—business and financial risks associated with noncompliance are also lessened along with the risk of data through audit reporting.
  3. Optimize their networks—technical services enable faster deployment of strategic projects at reduced cost, which helps increase competitiveness and time to market.
  4. Increase productivity—by having fewer network incidents, your customers can free up their IT personnel to focus on core projects.
  5. Peace of mind—network services also provide greater network visibility and control. Your customers will know what’s on their network, that it’s configured properly and that it works.

And, here’s what’s in it for your business:

  1. Predictable and renewable revenue—technical service agreements aren’t just a high profit revenue stream, they typically span three years, creating predictable revenue for your business. And by arranging for all service contracts to be renewed at the same time i.e., cotermination), you’ll reduce the time account managers and customers spend negotiating contract renewals.
  2. A platform to build on the customer relationship—with the customizable Smart Net Total Care portal, you can view support information for your customers, such as critical device, contract and alerts data, when and how you want to.
  3. Upsell opportunities—by having better visibility of your customers’ networks, you’ll more easily be able to identify areas where they could benefit from additional solutions and services.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction—knowing that their networks are consistently secure and running fast increases customer loyalty.
  5. Trusted advisor status—pursuing renewal opportunities with your existing customers enables you to re-engage and keep informed about their business challenges, uncover new opportunities, and position yourself as a business partner.

Quoting and ordering Cisco services through Ingram Micro

The Ingram Micro team is here to make the process easy and seamless for you. We’ll start by helping you figure out which Cisco services will best address your customers’ needs. Then we’ll manage the quoting, ordering and contracts for you—always making sure you and your customers are getting the most value from your service option. Contact the Ingram Micro Cisco Services team and schedule a consultation today: (800) 456-8000, ext. 76475, or via the web at http://aim-ciscoservices-ebook.businesscatalyst.com.