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4 Valued Business Outcomes Customers Can Achieve With Cisco Services

August 12, 2017

4 Valued Business Outcomes Customers Can Achieve With Cisco Services

With such a high return, there are obviously a number of key areas that your customers will get value for their investment. Here are four of the top ones:

1. Reducing downtime. There is perhaps no bigger value driver for your customers than Cisco Services’ ability to shorten or even eliminate potential downtime.

Network outages cost companies about 1 percent of their annual revenue—money lost that could be avoided.

With access to Cisco-trained technicians and the latest in software advances, Cisco Services are aimed at helping companies fix network problems when they occur or by proactively avoiding them. For example, the updates and upgrades to Cisco’s operating system that Cisco Services provide will ensure that when a new piece of equipment is integrated into the system, your legacy technology will be configured to work with it.

For the average Fortune 500 company, an hour of downtime equals more than $200,000 in revenue. Even if your customers aren’t among the nation’s elite, avoiding an hour of downtime each year is more than enough to pay for a Cisco Services contract.

2. Employee time. Your employees are your most important resource, and any effort to eliminate additional tasks from their workload will be a huge money saver.

Fixing technology problems, especially for those not specifically trained with those technologies, can be a time-consuming process. With Cisco Services, your technicians can be focused on projects important to you and leave fixing errors and responding to network outages to Cisco-trained engineers who will be on call 24 hours a day.

3. Protecting against human error. Approximately 80 percent of the calls to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center have nothing to do with hardware. They are problems created by the people using the equipment, either through configuration errors, improper installations, or other human-related errors.

Customers with Cisco Services contracts can get help with these errors around the clock; customers with only product warranties do not receive this benefit. If your customers do not have Cisco Services, they would be charged for calling the Technical Assistance Center to get help in fixing their issue.

4. Smart Call Home. A broad range of Cisco products include Smart Call Home, a feature that is available with Cisco Services. Smart Call Home-enabled devices perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected.

The value of this type of service is self-explanatory for your business. With products that proactively look for errors, the chance of the product malfunctioning or your network going down greatly decreases. As already discussed, downtime is a huge cost center for business, so anything that can be done to keep your network running in peak shape will be valuable in the end.