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12 Essential Data Points for a Successful Service Annuity Practice

August 07, 2017

12 Essential Data Points for a Successful Service Annuity Practice

1: A single hour of network downtime costs more than a Cisco Services contract for the average business. That number comes from the productivity lost from your employees along with the drop-in customer satisfaction that your customers will face when their operations come to a stop.

70 percent: The amount of worldwide network devices that Cisco covers with its service operations, more than 6 million customer interactions per year. With this much practice, you can be sure that Cisco is good at helping people.

84 percent: Percentage of tech problems that are solved without engineers and experts using the database and resources.

128: Number of countries—via more than 1,100 depots—that Cisco has around the world.

$5 billion: The dollar amount in spare parts that Cisco has in its inventory. The company delivers more than 840,000 replacement parts each year to its customers to help them avoid disruption.

1 in 20: The number of calls to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center that are repair-related and would be covered through a warranty. The majority of the rest—about 80 percent—come from human errors made while using the technology, such as software support, answers to operational questions, and other issues.

82 percent: The number of technical support cases that are solved using the Cisco.com support website, a key feature of Cisco Services. With this resource, your customers can usually find the answers to their problems without making a service request call, thus saving them time.

$72,000 per hour: How much money manual configuration hours can cost companies per hour in Web application downtime. Although application maintenance costs are increasing at a rate of 20 percent annually, 35 percent of those polled in a recent survey said at least one quarter of their downtime was caused by configuration errors.

59 percent: According to Dunn & Bradstreet, 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. This means that if you take the average Fortune 500 company of at least 10,000 employees paying an average of $56 per hour (including benefits), the labor part of downtime costs for an organization this size would be $896,000 weekly, translating into more than $46 million per year.

63 percent: Percentage of Cisco Services customers that said in a recent survey that a renewal decision was “automatic.” Multiple responders stated they would be interested in seeing a quote for the renewal in the email notification, and 90 percent of customers that were not aware of renewal notifications said they would find them valuable.

24 out of 25: Number of Cisco Services customers that said they found the service valuable to their business.

200 percent: Forrester Consulting published a study last year showing that Cisco Services customers realized returns on their contract investments of nearly 200 percent over a three-year period. The study also showed how much money Cisco Services saved customers—$2.92 in value for every dollar spent.