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Your top 5 security process value-adds

June 15, 2020

Your top 5 security process value-adds
When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no one solution (or combination of solutions) that can guarantee absolute protection from a security breach. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with security policy; after all, effective security policy and procedure is an ongoing process.

Security policy determines which behaviors are permitted and which are not, and what to do when those rules are violated. Policy and procedure also cover downstream activities, e.g., the what, when and how of user permissions. Without these rules and definitions, the functions of security solutions can’t operate effectively and would have little value.

When negotiating with clients, remember that the products supported by robust consulting services have more value. Security solutions without policies and processes won’t be effective, and customers know this. Here are five ways you can create value-add opportunities:

#1 - Cybersecurity assessments 
Every company is in need of security consulting services to reveal their vulnerabilities and how they should protect themselves. Evaluate their security status, determine a risk value, create or update policies and procedures, and recommend proven solutions that can protect their infrastructure, especially their most critical assets.

#2 – Auditing and analyzing
Cyberthreats aren’t static, meaning they are always evolving. Evolving threats need a dynamic solution. Security audits are one form of a dynamic solution, along with compliance checks. These solutions help ensure the security policy and process of your clients are current, and these methods provide you with new recommendations to boost their security even further.

#3 – Client education
Many times clients don’t understand or acknowledge the security threats they face. Clients also don’t understand that they themselves have a role to play in their own safety and security. They also must grasp what happens when lapses or inaction occur in the face of cybersecurity threats. Helping your customers to understand more about their situation and how much they themselves can affect it is essential to creating value-add opportunities.

#4 – Making management easy
It’s common for a lot of companies not to possess the in-house talent or assets to carry out an effective security strategy—that’s where you come in. Because security solutions and services have more to do with policy and procedure, you are able to provide these managed services (and whatever else they need) so they can focus on making their business a success.

#5 - Incident response 
Unfortunately, security breaches are a potential reality for any business. And should your clients experience one, you will be there to guide them through it with your post-event expertise and analysis. What went wrong? How did the breach occur? What changes need to be made to prevent this type of breach? Ultimately, you and your security solutions are going to provide these answers.

For more information on how security services could benefit your customers, contact the experts at Ingram Micro.