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Why VARs Need to be the Security Expert on the Internet of Things Now

January 28, 2017

Why VARs Need to be the Security Expert on the Internet of Things Now


Are your customers ready to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT)? And are you ready to help enable their efforts to harness the potential of the Internet of Things? If you aren’t, it’s time to start getting ready, particular in critical areas like security.

Organizations are looking to the Internet of Things for a variety of compelling reasons. The vast interconnectivity of people, devices, and computing systems that characterizes the Internet of Things will provide businesses with a wealth of new process, product, and customer data that can be used to optimize business practices. The Internet of Things also offers businesses innovative new ways to deliver their messages and services to customers. In the healthcare industry, IoT-enabled devices can be literal lifesavers. And concepts like the connected car and the smart city look poised to make driving and living safer and more efficient for all.

Large vendors have already begun exploring the potential of the Internet of Things: Cisco, for example, offers an Internet of Things product portfolio. Businesses, meanwhile, are exploring what the Internet of Things could do for them. But as they evaluate the possibilities of the Internet of Things, they’ll also discover the pitfalls, and when it comes to the major security concerns of the Internet of Things, organizations will benefit greatly from the advice of an Internet of Things security expert.

One of the key security challenges of the Internet of Things is device security. A number of smart, connected home devices are already available, among them smart TVs, refrigerators, and thermostats, and more will come. But not every smart device will be designed or manufactured to the same security standards. Those that fall short can become security vulnerabilities, which in turn can become attack vectors opening the way into corporate systems. An Internet of Things security expert will be able to identify which devices meet security needs and which do not, guiding customers to purchase or interoperate only with those devices that do not pose security risks.

Another key Internet of Things security challenge lies on the backend, in the corporate infrastructure used to store and process the massive volumes of data that the Internet of Things will pull into the enterprise. While not all of the data collected from the Internet of Things will be sensitive or legally protected, some of it may be, and enterprises will need an Internet of Things security expert to help them decide how to secure that data. In addition, even where data assets themselves are not sensitive or protected, the data sets as a whole may be in need of protection due to the proprietary nature of the insights that can be extracted from them. Finally, many businesses will be using purpose-built, proprietary analytics applications to make sense of all that data, and those applications, as corporate intellectual property, will require additional security, too. An Internet of Things security expert can help organizations secure their Internet of Things initiatives from end to end, preventing data leaks and breaches and ensuring that proprietary data remains safe from prying eyes.

The Internet of Things is coming, and it is capable of revolutionizing the business world. Are you ready to help your customers take advantage of it?