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Why the future of cloud adoption looks sunny: tech expert Q&A on data security opportunities

August 05, 2022

Why the future of cloud adoption looks sunny: tech expert Q&A on data security opportunities
Ingram Micro provides the breadth of enterprise-class resources and depth of highly qualified experts, like technology consultant David Eaton, to accelerate digital transformation. We chatted briefly with David to learn more about the complete protection solutions Ingram Micro offers partners and their customers to help them stay ahead.

Ingram Micro: How does the Data Protection team support Ingram Micro partners?

David Eaton: We help partners and their end users feel proactive and positive about data protection, so they can be ready for the future.

IM: What do you mean by “data protection”?

DE: Data protection as a whole is all about protecting the flow of data and securing your data, but also making sure that data is available for recovery from outages or spyware attacks or something along those lines. Data protection is about keeping data both protected AND available. What that solution looks like depends on the customer, whether that’s cloud, on-prem or a hybrid approach.

IM: In what direction is data protection headed?

DE: It's headed towards cloud backup and recovery. When failover recovery is a manual process, companies are less likely to have an adequate recovery plan, and companies can be down for a while. Someone has to tediously flip through physical runbooks to start the recovery process. Tools exist now that essentially automate failover runbook processes to streamline the recovery during a failover event and allows customers to test their failover resiliency without having to take their infrastructure offline, because the data is consistently replicated from one site to another for real-time back and recovery.

IM: What makes this a good opportunity for partners?

DE: Cloud recovery is a great opportunity because it takes the guesswork out of your recovery by not having to standup a whole separate site just for failover. It’s a headache-saving tool. Some customers have a disaster recovery plan in place, but many aren’t there yet. It’s important to have a reliable plan in place because your data is your livelihood these days. It’s the whole ball game.

IM: Does the “new normal” of hybrid and remote work drive the need for cloud adoption as well?

DE: Yes, with supply-chain constraints and people moving away from working in offices, cloud is the most important piece, because you can access it from anywhere.

IM: Where can partners contact your team to learn more about data protection solutions, or creating a digital recovery plan they can depend on?

DE: Feel free to email the Data Protection team at csdf-bcdr@ingrammicro.com. We’re always happy to chat, whether that’s helping a partner or their end user update their existing data protection and recovery plan or start from scratch.
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