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Why Security Distributors Are A Better Option Than Going Straight to Manufacturer

June 02, 2017

Why Security Distributors Are A Better Option Than Going Straight to Manufacturer

When it comes to security sales, going straight to the manufacturer may seem like the most logical option. The manufacturer, after all, knows all the ins and outs of the technology you'll be reselling and can provide advice straight from the source when implementation issues arise. That is, at least, the perspective that makes sense.

In reality, however, going through a large and diversified distributor offers several distinct advantages over going straight to the manufacturers.


Security manufacturers truly are experts at their products. But that's where the knowledge ends: They're experts at their products—not at competitors' products or at the complementary products other vendors provide. Few businesses run single-vendor operations, and that means manufacturer expertise will come up short when integrating security into multi-vendor ecosystems. A large and diversified distributor with technicians and engineers trained in a broad variety of vendors and products will be able to provide with the cross-vendor expertise you need to build a complete solution. And at the bottom line, that means a large and diversified distributor will provide you with the ability for cross-selling and upselling in ways that the manufacturer cannot. 


Resellers that work with large and diversified distributors are able to benefit from the distributors' superior financial resources. The costs of supplying customers with the security solutions they need to protect their data environments can quickly add up, and thanks to economies of scale and reseller relationships, a large distributor can offer a number of financing options to ease the upfront burdens of the technology business. Large distributors can also provide a wealth of business development resources to help resellers make the most of their businesses and increase their revenue. 

End-to-End Support

Security projects can often be lengthy initiatives with complications at every step of the way, from integration to deployment and beyond. Large distributors will provide better support, not just in terms of hardware, but also software, services, and purpose-built tools to craft a security solution to exactly what a customer requires. Large distributors also have more to offer in terms of the supply chain, and more resources to draw upon when additional tools or expertise are required. 

In the end, it all boils down to limitations—the limitations of the manufacturers, and the relative lack of limitations you'll find on large distributors' expertise, finances, and supply and support resources. Your customers look to you to provide security solutions that perfectly fit their organizations' needs. Finding those solutions within any single vendor's portfolio is rare; much more than likely, you'll have to cast a wider net. The larger the distributor you work with, the wider the net you can cast, thus making working with a distributor the most logical choice a reseller can make.

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