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What does it take to protect customer data in 2020?

Effective cybersecurity is an ongoing process

January 20, 2020

What does it take to protect customer data in 2020?
Did you know that in 2018, 77% of enterprise networks relied on at least one cloud application? That is a huge amount of data being sent to the cloud and a huge risk for data theft or other cybercrime. The unfortunate truth of today’s digital age is that as the volume of technology increases, the risk of exploitation also increases. For example, 2018 saw a 92% increase in downloader malware and a 600% increase in IoT attacks.
So how can businesses combat current cyberthreats? The first step is understanding there’s no such thing as complete invulnerability to cybercrime. Security is an ongoing process, not simply a product you can install and expect to be protected from all threats. Good cybersecurity means establishing sound policies, empowering people in specific roles and using technologies and services designed to safeguard IT assets, wherever they reside.
Modern cybersecurity relies on layers of security to increase the difficulty of a successful breach. If one layer doesn’t detect and stop an attack, another layer will. Layers can include data encryption, access controls and data backups at a basic internal level, with SSO, firewalls and VPN as examples of tactics that can be employed at different layers of your security funnel. For information on fundamental security  strategy and how it can protect customer data, check out this infographic by Ingram Micro.
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