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Video Surveillance Headlines to Help with Your Physical Security Plan

April 18, 2017

Video Surveillance Headlines to Help with Your Physical Security Plan



One of the challenges and opportunities of the physical security industry is the speed at which it evolves. That’s why, as a value-added reseller (VAR), it is vital to stay up to date with trade publications, join industry groups, and network as often as possible.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest and greatest headlines from the world of physical security, we’ve compiled a quick list to get you updated. Here are the top video surveillance headlines that just might help your physical security plans this year:

2016 Trends

This year’s industry trend report from Security Today includes several key points that have the potential to impact your physical security planning. This includes the growing role of mobile technology, which can provide surveillance customers anywhere/anytime access to their camera feeds, archived footage, and more and is expected to be one of the key features for many customers in the coming years. Other important points include a move toward more user-friendly security technology, an increased focus on privacy, and the importance of installation best practices—all of which can benefit your business.

Roundtable: The Benefits of Standards from a Solution Provider’s Perspective

In this SecurityInfoWatch.com roundtable, members of ONVIF, the physical security standards group, discuss how the continued adoption of standards may benefit both VARs and end users. If you are interested in deploying more all-in-one solutions for your customers, this is an important discussion on ONVIF’s progress, the future of standards and how they might impact your business.

Global Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market Will Grow to $50 Billion in 2020

Video surveillance is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down. This recent research report by Research and Markets shows that surveillance software, video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) components, and IP-based surveillance technologies represent a huge part of that growth—an indicator that more VARs will be offering these advanced systems in the coming years in a response to growing demand.

Video Analytics Applications in Retail: Beyond Security

Video analytics are an effective tool to optimize security, but have you considered how your customers might also benefit from other supplemental uses of this technology? In this article, Source Security takes a look at how retailers in particular are leveraging video analytics to not only improve physical security, but also provide better customer service, understand the habits of shoppers, and optimize marketing initiatives.

Rise in Terrorist Activities to Impact the Global Video Surveillance Market

Researchers from Technavio recently identified an increase in global terrorism threats as one reason for the growth of video surveillance investments. As these risks grow both in the United States and abroad, VARs should keep them in mind for customers such as transportation facilities, government organizations, and enterprise corporations.

The Benefits of Switching to 4K Video Surveillance

Should your physical security planning include ultra-high-definition cameras, or are 720p and 1080p getting the job done? This article from Campus Safety magazine examines the perks of today’s 4K cameras and can help you decide whether the price is worthwhile for your customers—or if you should wait for prices to fall a bit more before making the leap.

What other big industry trends or news have impacted your business over the last several years? How have you adjusted your physical security plans in response?