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Three Reasons to Get a Cloud Security Certification

April 02, 2017

Three Reasons to Get a Cloud Security Certification


Cloud computing isn't just hype anymore. These days, the cloud is commonplace in enterprises both small and large, across every vertical and in every geographic region; the majority of IT decision-makers recognize that cloud computing confers significant business benefits, such as superior flexibility, agility, scalability, and cost savings when compared to private infrastructure. But the cloud also brings new security challenges. Here are three reasons why getting a cloud security certification can help your business overcome those challenges.

1. Cloud security certification training will ensure you can roll with the times. 

Before the cloud era, infrastructure security was king. Enterprises hosted all of their data and applications on premises, and security experts were tasked with keeping those on-premises deployments secure against intruders. This model of information security is roughly analogous to securing a building. You leveraged access controls and an alarm system to prevent and detect intrusions, and perhaps also provided some security guards to patrol the building. Cloud computing renders that model ineffective. In the cloud era, data travels far beyond the corporate perimeter, and applications often live outside the perimeter, too. Cloud security must focus on the data rather than the infrastructure. Think of it as personal security: the data must be provided with bodyguards and other security staff to ensure its safety no matter where it goes.

This shift in focus can be jarring to old-school security experts. In training for a cloud security certification, you and your technicians will develop a foundation in both the new threats and the new methods of defending against them. 

2. A cloud security certification will reassure your cloud-resistant customers.

Cloud adoption has become widespread in the enterprise, but that doesn't mean that every organization has embraced the cloud. Some are still hesitant to make the jump. As we discussed above, cloud computing demands that corporate data travel beyond the corporate firewall. To some executives and IT decision-makers, this represents a significant (and sometimes unacceptable) loss of control. In fact, cloud security and regulatory compliance concerns regularly top the lists of reasons why enterprises do not adopt the cloud. But there's really no reason why any organization shouldn't use cloud computing for at least some of its operations—even the heavily regulated government, financial services, and health care sectors do.

A cloud security certification demonstrates that you and your technicians have a solid understanding of how to protect data and applications in cloud environments. This can go a long way towards addressing cloud-hesitant customers' objections.

3. A cloud security certification will help you land long-term consulting and service contracts.

A cloud security certification can pay off long after you've leaped the initial hurdle of convincing customers that they can adopt the cloud securely with your help. Cloud security is a long-term effort that will involve data access and user activity monitoring and compliance audits, and every new cloud deployment will demand a reevaluation of the organization's overall cloud security strategy. Not every business is equipped to handle these demands. Your cloud security certification—and your technicians' cloud security certifications—show that you are qualified to either train your customers' IT security staff in cloud security processes, or to manage your customers' cloud security outright.

The cloud is here, and it's here to stay, but not every customer feels ready for the brave new porous-perimeter world. Guide your customers towards secure cloud adoption and grow your business by investing in a cloud security certification. Speak to one of our security experts today to figure out which one fits your business best.

What cloud security certification are you considering? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.