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The Enterprise's Non-Stop Need for Digital Security Experts

May 12, 2017

The Enterprise's Non-Stop Need for Digital Security Experts



Digital security is top of mind for many enterprise IT decision-makers, as it should be, given how much sensitive data and resources organizations put online these days and how severe the damage can be from a breach or exposure. But while businesses are generally aware of the need to harden their digital security against leaks and attackers, they are often hesitant to invest in digital security experts in order to help them along the way. Digital security experts are sometimes seen as unnecessary expenses, on par with "productivity consultants": a bonus for prosperous times rather than a necessity at all times.

Unfortunately for those cost-cutting enterprises, digital security experts are much more necessary than they may appear. The consequences that could result from not investing in a digital security expert are far graver than those of not hiring a productivity coach.

The problem with leaving digital security in the hands of IT generalists is that enterprise security is an exceptionally complex, ever-changing, fast-evolving field. Every advance in enterprise technology, whether it be in servers or the network or at any other point in the computing environment, brings with it a corresponding advance in security threats. Cybercriminals devote their time to seeking out and exploiting the security vulnerabilities in technology, and every technology has some vulnerabilities. IT generalists may not have the time to remain up to date on current vulnerabilities and threats. And those who do have the time may not have the expertise. This disconnect between enterprise resources and enterprise needs drives the non-stop need for digital security experts.

And that's where you come in. Enterprises without the budget to hire dedicated digital security experts may turn to you as their trusted security advisor instead, a relationship which could prove beneficial for both your business and their security. Meeting your customers' need for a digital security expert doesn't have to involve you becoming a certified white-hat hacker and full-time security consultant either. You may not have a wealth of security knowledge, but if you work with the right distributor, what you do have is a wealth of security knowledge resources. Such resources might include:

  • Vendor-agnostic technicians and engineers trained and up to date in a variety of vendor technologies and the ways they can be integrated and secured
  • Certified security expert contractors available to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Security training and educational resources for resellers or to pass on to customers

If your customers look to you to act as their digital security expert, consider the ways you can help them as a digital security resources broker, bringing them together with the professionals whose knowledge your customers need. And if you're not sure how your distributor can help, close that knowledge gap by speaking to an Ingram Micro security specialist today.