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The 4 most secure cloud storage solutions right now

July 08, 2017

The 4 most secure cloud storage solutions right now



If you've been following the cloud computing space with an eye toward selling cloud computing services and infrastructure to your customers, then you know that for the most security-conscious organizations, private clouds are typically the way to go. Private clouds allow organizations the most control over the technology used to alleviate their privacy and security concerns and enable them to ensure that their security measures are appropriate to the context of their applications and needs.

 Building out a private cloud isn't always feasible, however. In those cases, your customers may look to you, a trusted security advisor, to help them find the most secure public cloud solutions. This is often the case when it comes to cloud-based file sync and storage.  

Which begs the question, which are the solutions to recommend? Here are our picks.


SpiderOak has made its name through a zero-knowledge privacy guarantee. According to the company, no plain text data is ever stored on SpiderOak servers to ensure that data stored on the SpiderOak can never be accessed in the clear by any unauthorized party, whether it be a SpiderOak employee or an outside hacker. This is made possible through comprehensive encryption and encryption keys that can only be decrypted by user passwords.


Client-side data encryption makes Tresorit one of the most secure cloud storage solutions currently available. The vendor uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure data before it ever leaves a client’s device. Additionally, Tresorit has developed a patent-pending protocol, ICE, to secure data transfer and encryption between multiple users, encouraging collaboration and productivity without sacrificing security.


TechRadar.com rates Mega among its top choices precisely because it puts a premium on security. It offers end-to-end data encryption—all data stored in its cloud is encrypted on a user’s device before it reaches the firm’s servers. Live encrypted backup with real-time file synchronization and versioning features help ensure that data is always safe and recoverable.


Last but certainly not least on our list, CertainSafe goes beyond industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption (which the vendor also provides) to protect data at a more modular level through what it terms MicroEncryption and MicroTokenization. CertainSafe claims that these technologies are superior to more typical bulk encryption approaches because in the event of a compromise, more data is exposed. MicroEncryption and MicroTokenization promise to protect data on a more granular level, down to the byte level, for safer cloud data storage. It’s not surprising that PC Magazine gave CertainSafe the coveted Editors’ Choice Award for 2018.

The innovation continues

As in many other areas, new problems are driving the development of new solutions. The rapid adoption of cloud computing led to a rise in cloud computing data security concerns, and in response to those concerns, vendors like those in our list of the most secure cloud storage solutions have come up with innovative new ways to keep data safe. But your job doesn't stop at advising customers on which cloud storage providers to use. Opportunities exist for you to further secure your customers' data and infrastructure. If you're not sure what those opportunities are, speak to an Ingram Micro information security and business development specialist today for some ideas.

 What are your choices?

We’re sure you have opinions based upon your own experiences as well as your customers’. Tell us your favorites in the comments.